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Good intentions do bad things, more than 200,000 motorcycles after washing the value of 100,000, owners seeking compensation was rejected
Release date:2023.02.09

In the past, motorcycle riders always envy driving friends, the appearance of the car can shelter from wind and rain, and the various comfort configuration of the car is more humane than the motorcycle, but after a period of time, now the motorcycle riding friends may not envy driving friends, their motorcycle price may be two times of other people's ordinary cars, this expensive motorcycle, Maintenance, of course, is different from normal motorcycles.

Good intentions to do bad things, more than 200,000 motorcycles after the devaluation of 100,000, owners seeking compensation was rejected, today said the motorcycle friend negligence, put their own two hundred thousand motorcycles to the ordinary car wash after washing, want to cry, the manufacturer said to repair the original look at least a hundred thousand, I see what is going on.

Mr. Lin just bought imported senior motorcycle, naked car spent 200 thousand yuan, Mr. Lin very cherish this car, the frequency of use is very low, bought the car for two months, although the frequency of use is low, but the body surface has dust accumulation, so, Mr. Lin is going to shower in the car, let his glory more brilliant, more than 200 thousand yuan motorcycle car wash damaged the car, The owner said the repair would cost 100,000.

After leaving it in the shop, Mr. Lin went to do some other work. When he came back from work, he found that his car could not be seen at all. Mr. Lin woke up immediately. The driver especially wants to use "nose water" to clean the car, but the nose water is corrosive and will affect the paint on the car surface.


Mr. Lin saw his motorcycle wheel hub, shock absorber, steering wheel and other parts of the white trace, admitted that the reason is the head of the car wash machine water, Mr. Lin immediately to the car wash shop for compensation, I think the owner of the car wash shop can not be sure that Mr. Lin's track is caused by the machine head water, in addition, even if it is caused by the head water, also have to pay to repaint Mr. Lin's car, For Mr. Lin, both cars and motorcycles must be cleaned with proper detergent.

However, Mr. Lin is not satisfied with this treatment method, he asked to remove all the parts with traces and replace them with new ones, in this case, the need for more than 100,000 yuan, the car wash obviously does not bear such a huge compensation, the owner of the car wash said: "I refuse. Besides, just because the paint is broken, you can't replace all the parts. Repainting is also reasonable," Lin said, adding that he needs to communicate more with the car wash to properly dispose of his car.

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