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Another 650cc level cruise model exposure!
Release date:2023.02.09

Domestic motorcycle manufacturers recently in the development of new models, are constantly rich in their own product types, in addition to a MotoMorini public upgrade ADV models will be launched, recently another 650cc level of cruise models exposed.

Motomorini's new 650 Cruise features a typical cruise design. A traditional cradle frame body, a single round LED headlight at the front, mirrors mounted on either side of the handlebars, and a well-reviewed two-seat cushion at the rear half.

Instead of the more popular V-shaped engine, Morini's new 650 Cruise uses the in-line, two-cylinder, water-cooled engine of the previous Cevenzo series, which should keep the power level of the streetcar version at 45kW/8500rpm and 56N·m /7000rpm.


The configuration of the new car has a vertical fork with dust jacket, rear double cylinder shock absorber; The braking system has front and rear single disc +ABS, the front is equipped with double piston calipers; The gauges are the usual round LCD dial, and the belt drive is more suitable for cruise models.

The fuel tank size, weight and other information of the new car has not been disclosed, and the previous in-line two-cylinder engine installed in the new cruise car, whether there will be new changes, further information will be reported.

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