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Change faces again! RC390 road test exposure, the frame, shock absorbers, rear rocker arm redesigned
Release date:2023.02.09

KTM's entry level RC390 series of small steel guns has been released in 2021 with a new version of the new model, in addition to a number of upgrades, but also has a new look. But as if the authorities weren't satisfied with the upgrades, KTM has been revealed to be testing the new RC390.

The KTM 2024 RC390, revealed in road tests, has more changes than the revised RC390, which was only launched in China last year. The exterior design has been redesigned again, and the frame and some configuration information are also being adjusted simultaneously.

At the same time road test the new RC125

The front face of the new RC390 in 2024 is expected to be the same as the previous RC990, featuring a new family design with single headlights, a return to the twin fish-eye fairing of the old RC390, and design elements that can be found in the accompanying new RC125.


The new car's fairing is also different from the current model. The KTM reduces the layering of the sides of the new RC390, and the front and body lines are more streamlined. The purpose of this change may be to further reduce the wind resistance, to press for higher performance.

The changes to the frame of the road test RC390 are similar to the 390 DUKE revealed earlier. Current models have a side-mounted rear shock absorber, along with a new rear rocker arm and a hidden exhaust system.

In addition, the brake kit of the new car is different from the current model. The brake disc has been changed from the previous left side of the body to the right side. Details of the front fender, subframe trim board and so on have been modified.

It is reported that the road test model RC390 of KTM will be released as the 2024 model. Judging from the information of the model exposed so far, the new car will be changed again to resemble the family. As for what the RC390 will become again, I will follow up with you later.

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