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Classification of motorcycle parts
Release date:2023.02.16

I. Motorcycle engines and accessories

Motorcycle engine assembly

Motorcycle engine assembly

Motorcycle crankcase

Motorcycle cylinder block, cylinder head, cylinder liner

Motorcycle piston

Motorcycle piston ring, piston pin

Motorcycle crankshaft, connecting rod, bearing bush

Motorcycle valve and valve assembly

Motorcycle camshafts, timing sprockets and chains

Motorcycle fuel supply and lubrication system parts

Motorcycle fuel tank

Motorcycle filter

Motorcycle fuel pump, fuel switch

Motorcycle oil pump

Motorcycle carburetor

Motorcycle carburetor shell, carburetor connector and other accessories

Electric spray system for motorcycles

Motorcycle cooling unit

Motorcycle inlet/exhaust pipe, muffler purification device

Other motorcycle engine parts

Two, motorcycle transmission system parts

Motorcycle clutch

Motorcycle transmission and control devices

Motorcycle transmission

Motorcycle transmission control device

Motorcycle starting mechanism

Motorcycle drive assembly

Motorcycle belt drive assembly

Motorcycle chain drive assembly

Motorcycle axle drive assembly

Three, motorcycle walking system parts

Motorcycle frames, forks and components

Motorcycle frame

Motorcycle frame assembly, fender

Motorcycle fork

Shock absorbers and accessories for motorcycles

Shock absorber for motorcycle

Motorcycle shock absorber accessories (spring, piston, lever, cylinder, buffer block, etc.)

A motorcycle wheel, hub, tire

Motorcycle wheel

Motorcycle wheel hub

Motorcycle rim, spoke (bar), axle and other wheel accessories

Motorcycle tyre

Motorcycle lock, alarm

Motorcycle bumper

Motorcycle rearview mirror

Motorcycle glove box, guard plate, foot, etc

Motorcycle glove box

Motorcycle guard frame, guard plate, rail frame, handrail, foot

Motorcycle parking rack, shelf

Motorcycle accessories (air hood, seat cushion, front cover, rear cover)

Four, motorcycle control system parts

Motorcycle steering gear

Motorcycle steering post

Motorcycle handlebars, handlebars and controls

Motorcycle flexible shaft, pull lock

Motorcycle brake

Motorcycle brake

Motorcycle brake pedal, pull rod

Motorcycle ABS and other brake parts

V. Motorcycle electrical appliances and instruments

Motorcycle battery

Motorcycle generators, starters and accessories

Motorcycle generator, magneto

Motorcycle starting motor

Motor accessories such as motorcycle brush

Motorcycle regulator and rectifier

Motorcycle overrunning clutch

Motorcycle ignition system device

Motorcycle distributor, ignition coil, igniter

Motorcycle spark plug

Motorcycle ignition switch, electrical switch and other switches

Motorcycle lamps and horns

Motorcycle lamps and signals

Motorcycle horn

Motorcycle instrument, sensor, relay

Motorcycle instrument

Motorcycle sensor

Motorcycle central distribution box, relay

Motorcycle wiring harness, adapter

Motorcycle other electrical parts

Vi. Motorcycle general parts and related industrial products

Motorcycle seal

Motorcycle friction material

Motorcycle rubber, plastic parts

Motorcycle hard tube, hose

Motorcycle powder metallurgy parts, casting and forging, stamping parts

Motorcycle powder metallurgy parts

Motorcycle casting and forging parts, stamping parts

Motorcycle standard parts, fasteners, bearings, gears

Motorcycle standard parts, fasteners

Motorcycle bearing, shaft sleeve

Motorcycle gear

Motorcycle coatings, adhesives

Motorcycle lubricating oil

Motorcycle other materials and processing parts

Vii. Motorcycle supplies and others

Motorcycle protective equipment

Motorcycle maintenance supplies

Motorcycle signs, body color bar and other decorative supplies

Motorcycle related mold

Motorcycle tool

Motorcycle related equipment, production line

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