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For less than 40,000! Guocao Benda LFS Tang Dao 700 outstanding appearance level, rich configuration!
Release date:2023.02.22

In the domestic many motorcycle models, only the four-cylinder model of the news by the most concerned car friends. As for the reason is nothing more than the car friends of the four-cylinder models of love, then is the domestic four-cylinder models are very few, up to now there are few options. At present, the mainstream four-cylinder models on the market are still dominated by foreign brands, and the price is too expensive, ordinary car friends can not afford. So is there a price friendly, but also do not lose domestic characteristics of the model can choose? There is! Benda LFS Tang Dao 700, the official price only 38,800 yuan, less than 40,000 yuan price, full of affinity.

Throughout the domestic motorcycle design concept, almost all follow the style of domestic models, changes, adjustments, etc., all have the shadow of foreign models, the real original domestic cars are not many. The Benz LFS Tang Dao 700 is an exception, adding Chinese elements to the streetcar design, the style is very personal. And from the naming we can see its Chinese characteristics of "Tang Dao", body in addition to the elements of the dynasty, the unique knife sheath exhaust is a highlight. In addition to the angular shape of the body and the decorative panel of the details, it looks very science-fiction.

Benda LFS Tang Dao 700 positioning is a modern technology retro + national tide elements of large displacement model, the front of the retro round lights, on both sides of the distribution of unique shape L-shaped turn signal. Intelligent part, the car uses full-color TFT LCD instrument, function performance is very comprehensive, not only support Bluetooth connection, but also support navigation projection screen and gear display.


In addition, the official also took into account the 700cc displacement of this car, the fuel consumption is much higher than that of small displacement models, so it is equipped with a large tank with a capacity of 18 liters. According to the fuel consumption data of the same class of models, the author estimates that the mileage is about 400km, under the condition of no violent driving.

For domestic four-cylinder models, most of the car users are more concerned about its engine data, Benta LFS Tang Dao 700 adopts a four-cylinder engine, performance is very excellent. The engine adopts DOHC16 valve inline four cylinder four stroke design, the actual displacement of 676cc, and adopts water cooling heat dissipation and electric injection oil supply system.

In terms of parameters, the engine delivers 93.8Ps of maximum horsepower, 69kW, burst at 11,000rpm, 63Nm of maximum torque, burst at 8,500rpm, with sliding clutch as standard. When riding, the car has two road and off-road sports modes to choose from.

In terms of body design, the Benz LFS Tang Dao 700, as a medium to large displacement model, the most important thing is to reduce weight, improve handling ability and body driving flexibility, and the car does this very well. The overall frame uses an innovative ring structure, and the use of chromium molybdenum steel tube, aluminum body, aluminum alloy after rocker arm and other light materials, so that the Benta LFS Tang Dao 700 quality control in 208 kg, for a 700cc four-cylinder model is very difficult.

Body configuration, Benta LFS Tang Dao 700 performance is very rich; The shock absorption part comes from the KYB brand. The front shock absorption is preload adjustable inverted front fork, and the rear air bag preload adjustable side rear shock absorption. The braking is provided by the famous BREMBO. The front wheel is equipped with two-disc brake and BREMBO opposable four-piston calipers, while the rear wheel is equipped with single-disc brake and opposable double-piston calipers. The rear wheel is equipped with shutoff ABS system, and the 2022 model has been upgraded with TCS traction control for further safety. The tyre part still uses the Margis semi-hot melt, and the grip is excellent.

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