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Automatic 1290, KTM also to play black technology
Release date:2023.02.23

In addition to the scooters with the CVT, Honda's DCT dual-clutch transmission system is the only common automatic transmission models on motorcycles. And it looks like KTM is getting into the automatic game, with the orange manufacturer filing a new set of patents for automatic transmissions.

The design idea of KTM automatic transmission is different from the DCT of Honda, which does not use the dual clutch structure, but combines the centrifugal clutch + electric control of the automatic transmission mechanism. The benefit of this is that the owner can also manually shift through the handlebars.


In addition, KTM has added a parking gear locking mechanism to the system, which solves the problem of centrifugal clutch parking on the slope. With this set of automatic transmission patent of the new car, combined with the electronic control system, will become a semi-automatic model.


No.27 at the bottom of the left picture is the shift control motor; Figure 12 and 13 on the right are the locking mechanism of the parking stall

KTM's new automatic transmission system is expected to be used first in the 1290 series. It is reported that the patented model part number is the 1301 cc LC8-V2 transmission. Whether the GT will be used first will be revealed later.


In fact, semi-automatic models have been developed by many manufacturers in the past, but not as successful as Honda's DCT, and the KTM system is still to be shown. And in more and more manufacturers to join the development of the automatic transmission patent, I hope that the subsequent can be popularized to more models, so that more car users can enjoy this technology to improve driving comfort.

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