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Three cylinder 650? Sheng Shi new car exposure, power or over 100 pieces
Release date:2023.02.23

Sheng Shi's three-cylinder machine from the beginning of a few years ago exposure, has been the expectation of some car friends, but in the total Tao again and again in the information disclosure, did not meet with you formally as scheduled, and recently this situation has changed, Sheng Shi's three-cylinder 650 seems to be in the road test.

From the exposure of the road test model, this is suspected to be the first three-cylinder model of Sheng Shi new car, is not the street weapon initially disclosed by the official, but in the past two years fast hot and wide audience sports car; The degree of completion of new cars exposed is also relatively high.

While the new car does not have the single-arm design typical of its available models, it does have the metal rear rocker arm of Sheng's signature design. The rear fender is mounted on the rear rocker arm instead of a high design. Braking has the front double disc brake + radial four piston calipers supporting.

As for the power reserve of the new car, it is revealed that the three-cylinder 650cc engine is carried, and according to the compression ratio of 13:1 disclosed by General Manager Tao before, the engine speed for party racing is higher than 13,000 /min, its maximum horsepower may break 100.


Other features of the new three-cylinder sports car were not disclosed, but there is one notable feature that Sheng's models share -- a wealth of features. The new three-cylinder sports car is not expected to be left behind in this regard, as it is rumored to be equipped with electronic throttle, drive mode, traction control and corner ABS

Of course, the current exposure of the new three-cylinder sports car has not been officially confirmed, but with the general manager Tao said last year that the fastest three-cylinder car at the end of the year the rhythm of the three cylinder of Sheng Shi new car should also be coming, everyone for the new three-cylinder of Sheng Shi what expectations?

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