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Secron 150 pedal, 250 cruise, single rocker arm RC401 released, priced from 15,580 yuan, four cylinders also come
Release date:2023.02.23

With the continuous development of the domestic motorcycle market, we can choose more and more models and categories on the market. As a traditional motorcycle manufacturer in China, Zongshen also sees the diversity of the motorcycle market and begins to enrich its product line in the post-epidemic era.

And in today's "Outsmart 2023 Zongshen · Secelon Global Launch", Zong Shen and its subsidiary brand Secelon introduced three new models for different consumers, which are the entry-level pedal of urban sports --RT1, the American retro cruise --RA250, and the single rocker arm sports car --RC 401.

High step pedal --RT1

Although the new RT1 is an entry-level new car, it is on a par with the high-end model in terms of support. Starting at 15,580 yuan, the new model comes with keyless start, TCS, pulse silent start system, and optional screen gauges, tire pressure monitoring and dashcam.

The power system of the RT1 is also one of the highlights of the sport pedal. The side-mounted, water-cooled single-cylinder engine uses a higher speed four-valve design. The engine also incorporates Piaggio technology, and the camshaft design of the pressure-reducing valve makes commuting in stop-and-go urban areas easier.

With a 1330mm wheelbase and a 4:6 front and rear axle load, the new car has a steering Angle of up to 40 degrees, making overtaking and navigating tight or rough roads easier than other models, according to officials. To increase the stability of the body, the RT1 is also equipped with Zongshen's own HSC stabilization system.

The appearance of RT1 maintains the family design of its RT series as a whole, with hawk-eye LED headlights at the front and auto-grade LED streamer taillights at the tail. The side panel on both sides of the front also added a metal color decorative plate, the new car's sense of layering is richer.

Other configuration aspects are positive vertical front fork + double barrel rear shock absorber suspension, double channel ABS, 220mm double pump double piston rear disc brake, better linear braking (general model for single pump single piston), front and rear 14 inch and a half hot melt sports tire and practical side support stall.

The power data is the maximum power of 11.5kW/8000rpm and the maximum torque of 14.5N·m/6750rpm. The fuel tank capacity is 9L, the reconditioning mass is 144kg, the tire specifications are 100/80-14 for the front, 120/70-14 for the back, and the seat height is 755mm.

New cars on the market have dark blue, graphite gray, night black, snow mountain white, night black + red red five color options.

American Retro Cruise --RA 250

Secron has launched the entry-level RA2 before. After continuous precipitation and optimization, the more sporty, more exquisite and more elegant RA250 emerged. Although it is the same door model, the new RA250 still has some enhancements.

The appearance of the new car continues to maintain the retro cruise style design of the RA family, the retro round light + water drop tank, the rearview mirror is changed from a round to an oval design with better field of view; The new RA250 maintains a high level of integrity.

Out of sight, the RA250 features a new frame and rear fork for greater stability and less vibration. Combined with the 745mm seat height, its man-machine triangle easily meet most of the riders, it is reported that the official also for small hand owners to increase the handlebar adjustable items.

For the new RA250 model of the previous generation, its PY250 engine is also a key point. The official has made targeted adjustments to the engine of this GPR 250 platform. In order to strengthen the torque of medium and low speed, the transmission ratio and the valve system have been optimized accordingly.

The new engine has a maximum power of 20.5kW/9000rpm, a maximum torque of 22N·m/7000rpm, an international six-speed transmission and an FCC sliding clutch. The configuration part is equipped with the front shock absorption, adjustable double rear shock absorption, the front 300mm after 240mm large diameter disc brake and supplemented by double channel ABS.

The tire specifications of the new car are 110/80-18 for the front and 140/90-15 for the rear. The seat height is 745mm, the fuel tank capacity is 15L, and the spare weight is 163kg. In addition, there are bumper, rear shelf, side bag, handle, backrest and other modified accessories.

RA 250 is available in five colors: matte grey, matte black, butterfly blue, MANA Red and vibrant orange. The listed price of the new car is 17,580 yuan.

RC401 Track Edition

The third new car brought by Secron this time is the racetrack version of the RC401, the market price is a little more expensive than 28800 yuan standard version, 31,980 yuan; What has changed with the price increase is a more racetrack driving experience.

The most noticeable change is the use of a single rocker arm design of the frame, the rear hub changed to lightweight aluminum alloy hub, upper and lower plate is also forged aluminum alloy material; In order to ensure the strength and stability of the car body, the weight of the vehicle was controlled at 178kg.

In order to enhance the driving experience, the new RC401 adopts low racing handlebars, which further strengthen the riding triangle while the seat height remains unchanged at 785mm. It also adds an upshift electronic quickshift for enhanced control, as well as a one-button toggle motion mode.

Hardware configuration is equipped with KYB22 level adjustable shock absorption, West Mutual dual floating disc brake + Bosch dual channel ABS; Auxiliary configuration is TFT intelligent screen instrument, tire pressure monitoring, side brace flameout, a new generation of T-BOX.

The power part of the new car has not changed at present, the maximum power is 33kW/9500rpm, the maximum torque is 37N·m/8000rpm; However, officials are considering upgrading the ECU in the future. The maximum speed can be raised to 13,000 RPM, providing a new option for drivers who like to enjoy extreme driving fun.

The tyre specifications of the track version RC 401 are 110/70-17 for the front, 150//60-17 for the rear, 785mm seat height and 15L fuel tank capacity. The new car is available on the market in five colors: race red, carbon fiber black, tungsten steel matte gray, elegant gray and energy green.

Zongshen Cykelon this release of these three new cars have their own characteristics, but also for the needs of different uses of the car friends brought a new choice, and in response to the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic market, Cykelon and similar V-cylinder 900, middleweight four cylinder (displacement is expected to be 600~700cc, the engine has been successfully ignited before the year) and other new cars will be launched.

Of course, it remains to be further disclosed how the following new cars will be. These three models launched today are still commendable in terms of the actual display of the cars. How about their actual driving conditions, we will talk about them later in the evaluation.

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