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All-around leisure, Ducati's new V4 to experience the beginning of the journey, the power is still the same, comfortable improvement
Release date:2023.02.23

Last year, Ducati introduced a new upgraded version of its public upgraded sports caravan, Multistrada V4 Series. Recently, I was invited to participate in the offline cycling event held by Ducati. Today, I would like to talk about this updated version of the V4 caravan.

When talking about Ducati, most drivers first think of young, energetic and passionate. After the test drive of the new Multistrada V4 S in Hainan, Ducati has brought us a brand new experience.

The V4 adds to the red maker's previously lackluster smoothness, strong but not lacking in comfort. The 1158cc V-4 engine delivers 166 horsepower and 118N·m maximum torque. The Multistrada V4 S is a bike that you won't know until you actually ride it.


Riding experience

The first feeling of Multistrada V4 S is the confidence and security brought by its height of 790mm. The height of 178cm can completely land on the balls of both feet. Ducati has made it easier to drive this public upgrade, while also offering veteran drivers an 810mm adjustable seat height.

After turning the accelerator to start, the new version of the V4 S in the low gear low speed range (a 1500 RPM) to get rid of the previous Ducati models to give people a low shake, easy out of gear inherent impression, the new car ride has been greatly improved.

Before 7000~8000rpm, the output of the new road V4 S is relatively smooth, but this driving feeling is not the sacrifice of power, with the speed climbing, the new car has the power at every stage, in a word to describe is: "quiet, like a virgine, like a rabbit."

And after 8,000 revs, it's back to Ducati's usual fierce, quick, high RPM drag. If you put 100 MPH in one gear, it's like "playing around." Ducati's tweaking of the new ride also gives you the option to ride and drive as you please while enjoying the excitement and momentum.

In February, it was 27/30℃ weather in Hainan. When riding Ducati Multistrada V4 S in full gear wrapped from head to toe on the road, except for the scorching sun brought by the local weather in Hainan, I didn't feel the scorching heat brought by this Ducati V4 engine. The "baked legs" in the past still disappeared.

The Multistrada V4S feels much lighter to drive than its predecessors, the MTS 1260 and MTS 950, although the 200-plus kg weight can be a bit of a challenge in implementation. However, the lightweight frame derived from MotoGP technology enables the new car to easily navigate in various village roads, provincial roads, and left and right turning cycling environments.

In the process of riding, the performance of the electronic quick-exhaust system of the new car is amazing. The smooth upshift or downshift of the V4S breaks the feeling of frustration highlighted by other models in the past. To exaggerate, if adapted to the car, the clutch might only be useful for starting or stopping; The rest of the shift can be done directly with the left foot.

The new Multistrada V4S has four riding modes, SPORT, TOURING, ENDURO and URBAN, Each driving mode has a different ABS, DTC, Engine, DWC, Preload, DQS, and Suspension rating.

And each small option can be refined adjustment, you can according to their own habits, preferences, comfortable state to adjust the most suitable for their own driving mode.

Another bright spot in terms of electronic control is ACC adaptive cruise and BSD blind spot detection. As the world's first model equipped with front and rear radar, the new Multistrada V4S system can greatly improve the riding comfort on long road trips.

ACC adaptive cruise in a safe riding environment, can free the right hand; BSD blind spot detection function will be through the rear millimeter wave radar, around the car body to make a prompt on the rearview mirror; At the same time, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery and have a good guarantee for safety.

Ducati's new Multistrada V4 is priced from 215,000 to 288,000 yuan at home, which is the ceiling of many of the country's RV models. Of course, at this price, the cycling experience is outstanding. The new package can take you both to the city and far away for a long bike ride on demand. Those who are interested in Ducati's public upgrade can go to the store to experience it.

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