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Zero unveils SR-X Concept Electric Motorcycle...
Release date:2023.03.02

Zero Motorcycles unveiled the SR-X concept, its latest collaboration with HUGE Design, on Feb 21, 2023.

It was created by electric motorcycle maker Zero in conjunction with designer Huge Machine as part of Zero's "Design for the Future Initiative." This isn't the first collaboration between Zero and Huge Machine, which also worked on the Zero FXE design.

As you can see from the images, the SR-X concept combines clean lines and rigorous design details with the radical attitude and raw performance of a modern lift vehicle, aiming to be the design highlight of an electric motorcycle in the near future.

The car is an attempt to define a new category for high-performance electric vehicles, a form between a street fighter and a tracked vehicle. Designers want true sport riders to appreciate a sleek, balanced, modern, futuristic and clean design feel without sacrificing the raw performance look and the obvious mechanical appeal of a high-performance motorcycle.


In fact, the Zero's future design may be based on this, with its own signature half-fairing in a light gray racing style. In addition to the red strip, a wide headlight can be found at the front.

The team wanted to create a striking low-chassis look, with the body blending fully exposed mechanics with the frame in an unconventional way. This design language based on concise forms is the future direction of electric motorcycles.

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