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Great Wall horizontal opposite eight cylinder motorcycle spy exposure!
Release date:2023.03.02

Photos of a motorcycle produced by the Great Wall, which appears to be in the experimental stage, have been obtained from Chinese social media. What's exciting about this car is that it appears to have a horizontal opposite eight-cylinder engine. Rumors have been circulating for two years that Great Wall would enter the motorcycle business, but it would be a model of this "beast" class.

As can be seen from the photos, the engineering vehicle is a cruise car with a shaft drive. The image shows an LCD meter and an aluminum frame on the side, which in many places resembles a gold-winged GL1800.


There are no coverings, but the overall feel is more of a retro cruise. The horizontal opposite eight-cylinder engine makes it look very wide and imposing. In the future, the overlay will be improved to increase the width of its visual effect, which is very exciting. We don't know the exact parameters of this engine yet, but expect more information in the future.

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