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Wuji Four cylinder 660 Sports Car, 100 PCS, Single rocker arm, continue to roll
Release date:2023.03.02

In October last year, Longxin revealed a four-cylinder engine, and recently unveiled its new RR525, a new middleweight sports car. Wuji's first sports car with a four-cylinder engine is RR660.

From the disclosure of information, Wuji's new RR660 has a first break 100, 100 acceleration of 3.5S power reserve; Its 660cc four-cylinder engine can reach a top speed of 13,000 RPM and produce more than 100 horsepower. The official maximum speed is over 200km/h.

Under this dynamic, there is abundant configuration; First is the electronic express exhaust system to enhance the driving experience, KYB's adjustable shock kit, Brembo two-disc four-piston calipers, Pirelli Demon 3 tires; The safety assistance system is TCS+ABS.

Another bright spot is the design of the body. According to the exposed model information, Longxin Wuji's first four-cylinder new car does not use the design elements of the existing models, and the body lines are very sharp. The RR660's appearance is more radical and more aggressive.

Without a detailed introduction to the frame, the new car is currently showing the rear single rocker arm design; The four-cylinder 660 May have hidden surprises after the technology and development of current performance models began to roll in.

Wuji's 660cc four-cylinder engine is also expected to be developed in reverse, and given the power platforms the manufacturer has developed in the past, the new engine should have no problems with stability.

Wuji's new four-cylinder sports car RR660 will be launched next year. After large-displacement models in China began to roll out, Longxin, which once had the title of price butcher, is really looking forward to what surprises it can bring us this time.

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