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Don't forget to check the engine hanger after a scooter crash
Release date:2023.03.02

Some people say that the scooter is the ultimate destination of motorcycle friends, in fact, there is a certain truth, scooter is not only simple operation, easy to use, safety is better than straddle cycling, after all, the center of gravity is low, the front of the vehicle is equivalent to a safety block.

These two days, there are two pedal owners had a traffic accident, both the car fell people are OK, two motorcycles are respectively and the car crash accident, one is PCX160 in the process of going straight, collided with a turning SUV, PCX160 turned to the right. In the other case, E-110 collided with a Ford car that crossed the center line. The front of E-110 was seriously deformed and turned to the left side. Although the direction of the overturned car was different, their accident car had one thing in common, that is, the engine of the vehicle was offset from the whole car and was no longer on the same central axis. Many people think that this is the frame fell out of shape, in fact, this phenomenon is generally the engine hanger fell out of shape.


The hanger of the pedal motorcycle engine is actually a very key part, which is an important part of the connection between the motorcycle frame and the engine. It plays the role of connection, fixing and buffering. Although different motorcycles have different shapes of the engine hanger, the rigidity of the engine hanger is quite strong. Some of the deformation of the hanger can be seen by the naked eye, and some are difficult to see by the naked eye. It can only be determined by observing whether the central axis of the engine and the whole body is offset. Only after the replacement of the hanger, you will find that the engine and the frame are restored to the same central axis.

However, in order to reduce costs, some insurance companies always specify some low-cost maintenance points, this kind of maintenance points will not check your hanger, so after the accident car repair, many owners always feel that their car is not right, not good to ride before, in fact, there is no comprehensive repair, if repaired, the accident car can be repaired to the same state as the factory. Finally, it is recommended to owners to control their right hands and ride safely. In case of an accident, they should go to a professional maintenance station for maintenance, which is to protect their legitimate rights and interests to the greatest extent.

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