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What is the difference between motorcycle original parts and other parts?
Release date:2023.03.08

I believe that many new motorcycle friends in the accessories market to buy accessories,

Will face different choices,

I don't know what kind of accessories to buy,

There are high and low prices,

In fact, at times like this,

All we have to do is choose the same original model of the same model,

Generally don't go to the cheap pick up some pieces,

After all, it's our driving safety.

Original parts

Match: ★★★★

Generally speaking, the original parts are from the original factory. Even if it is not out of the original factory, it is also produced by the regular parts manufacturer of the original factory.

Appearance and performance generally no problem, and the quality of the original factory should be the same. The parts are the same as the original car, and have qualified certificates to show their identity.


Main factory parts

Match: ★★★ ★

The factory parts are generally from the formal qualified manufacturers. However, it is not necessarily stipulated by the manufacturer. In other words, not original, but good quality. Most of these enterprises have passed ISO9000 certification.

The parts they make are usually the same as the factory where they are made, and some are even a branch of the original factory or an authorized dealer.

Pure disassembly

Match: ★★★ ★

Pure removal parts are removed from the original car parts, in essence, we should not worry about the original car removed parts. However, we need to worry about the source of these parts. Most of these parts come from modification factories, insurance accident chop shops and other places.

Many owners just lift the car, like to replace the original factory hub, for a new set. Then this set of replaced hub becomes a pure disassembly. Some are relatively new and will be returned to the original factory for processing and assembly on new cars.

Off-line fittings

Matching degree: ★★★

Line parts are many repair shops and even repair shops most like to purchase a kind of accessories. To put it bluntly, these are the defective products in the original factory. An unqualified product, a product that is defective in some way.

They sell it to consumers. So, you have to be careful. This kind of accessories, if found, must be rights!

Copycat accessories

Matching degree: ★★

The so-called copycat brand parts, most of the brand names we have not heard, generally these brands from villages, some of the origin we do not know.

However, the prices of these branded parts are really low. It doesn't matter what the quality of their products is. What's more, some of them are refurbished and no products. If driving is involved, be careful.


Matching degree: ★

Refurbished parts, to put it bluntly, are mostly parts that are removed from the car in the accident, then refurbished, and eventually hit the market at a low price. When these parts are removed from the accident car, if it is good, it is OK, if caught in an accident, that the consequences are unimaginable!

Recommend motorcycle to use the benefits of the original accessories ↓↓↓

1, safety guarantee: the original parts from the material to the process have strict quality requirements, will not cause safety accidents due to parts damage, so that you use peace of mind!

2, economic protection: the high quality of the original parts not only brings you tangible high quality motorcycle life, but also eliminates a lot of invisible troubles for you: counterfeit parts are frequently replaced, which seems to save money but actually costs money; Frequent back and forth to repair the car, waste a lot of precious time on the road and repair waiting!

3, reliability guarantee: the high quality of the motorcycle parts to ensure its durability, in normal use and comply with the operating procedures, not due to the early wear and tear of parts caused by frequent replacement or sudden failure let you into an awkward situation, let you rest assured with!

4, vehicle performance guarantee: the original parts are designed according to the vehicle performance, supporting development of exclusive parts, its performance indicators are in line with the design requirements of the model, has a good match, can make the vehicle performance to the best, let you rest assured!

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