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225 pieces! The Honda CB1000R can be grumpy, too
Release date:2023.03.08

Speaking of Honda's CB1000R, the first impression of this model should be that it is a sport retro car with no great power. Recently, it seems that a blogger is not satisfied with the power of this public upgrade model, and set out to increase its maximum horsepower to 225.

The domestic version of the Honda CB100R has 143.4hp (107kW), but with the addition of a supercharger, the domestic version has 88.6hp (66.1kW), and its horsepower has soared to 224.46hp.


Once again, it was British TTS Performance that took over the Honda CB1000R. The team made changes to the retro streetcar, as well as the package of supercharging systems, including cooling systems, air filters, solenoid valves and even the positioning of the horn. Finally, after re-editing the ECU, the torque of 104N·m was increased to 158.5Nm.

Honda CB 1000R this public upgrade model is a retro style streetcar, but its engine base, and power performance is relatively good, and after supercharging is able to arm-wrestle with many of the current new performance models.

The 225-horse Honda CB1000R could not be less exciting

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