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Which of the four major Japanese motorcycle brands is better in the mainland market?
Release date:2023.03.16

Because Japanese motorcycles entered the mainland market earlier, so in a period of time, they have a very high degree of recognition and ownership, of course, even now in terms of models within 100,000, Japanese models are still the best motorcycle.

But the four major Japanese brands will also be ranked high and low, so which of them has the better motorcycle? Today we're going to talk about that.

First of all, it is necessary to give a brief introduction to the four brands, especially their related models and physique, otherwise it is difficult to judge who is stronger.

1. Suzuki

Suzuki is the most low-key of the four major Japanese motorcycle brands, which makes the car friends have a special goodwill to it, but Suzuki has a kind of arrogance in its bones, even if the market competition is so brutal, but it is still more proud, not willing to introduce more models into the mainland market, so that we can choose only a few imported motorcycles, SV650, DL650, DL1050.


But even so, the reputation of these models is relatively good, because their origin is Japan, not Southeast Asia, so these models almost no black material, but their price is a little high, basically no cost-effective at all.

2. Yamaha

In the past few years, Yamaha was not very concerned about the mainland market, and there were not too many models for us to choose. However, with the increase of Honda in recent years, Yamaha was a little unconvinced, so the models introduced into the mainland market were also increasing year by year.

However, the price of its large-displacement models is still a little high, compared with Honda and Kawasaki are not affordable, for example, MT-07 price is over 100,000 yuan, which is not too competitive for a 700cc two-cylinder motorcycle, we can choose the Z900 or CB650R with four-cylinder engine.

3. Kawasaki

This brand is the only one in the mainland market without partners, is to fight alone, so in the channel plate its share is almost zero, but also based on this Kawasaki for the price of imported models on the set is very in place, is currently the whole Japanese brand relatively high cost performance.

There are 400 series for entry level, 650 series for medium displacement and 900 series for large displacement. Even mechanical beasts like H2 have been introduced to the mainland market. But they tend to be aggressive, grumpy and not everyone's cup of tea.

4. Honda

Honda is the big brother of Japanese motorcycle brands, but sometimes the little brothers are also very unconvinced, especially Yamaha and Kawasaki often lose their temper, but Honda with its own wrist, and strong car series will soon calm the storm, after all, it has so far in the mainland market five categories of nine car series, two brands of more than 20 models, Plus the power of these two books, it makes its influence and model share is difficult to shake, so many car friends choose Japanese models will take the lead in considering Honda.

Through the above introduction, we can see that the strength of Honda will be stronger, but in terms of the performance of the vehicle itself, I personally recognize Suzuki, although its models are not many, the price is a little high, but after all, it is the original production in Japan, so the performance in all aspects will be better.

Even the joint venture plate Haojue Suzuki 250 three brothers have become the mainland market god car, Honda's 190, Yamaha in the big brands have no such treatment.

As for Kawasaki although said to be very cost-effective, but in terms of durability is not able to and Suzuki positive hard, so from the actual performance of imported models, the Japanese brand Suzuki will still be more hardcore, which may be its proud confidence!

But for most of your friends, Honda is still a better choice, because it has many models, performance and more balanced. So which of the four major Japanese brands do you think is better?

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