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Take care of these details when riding a motorcycle!
Release date:2023.03.16

(1) Provisions on scrapping motorcycles

Under the current scrapping policy, motorcycles can be scrapped in two ways. One is mandatory scrapping, the second is guided scrapping.

Compulsory scrapping, as the name implies, is mandatory and inviolable; Guided obsolescence, however, is a recommendation and not mandatory.

1. Forced scrapping

Motorcycle mandatory scrap is based on the motorcycle service life, as long as reached the specified number of years, will face mandatory scrap.

According to Article 5 of the Standard Provisions on Compulsory Scrapping of Motor Vehicles, the service life of motorcycles is as follows: regular three-wheeled motorcycles are used for 12 years, and other motorcycles are used for 13 years.

That means they can last up to 13 years, after which they are scrapped and no longer legally allowed on the road.

In addition, there is another supplement to the motorcycle scrapping policy: Relevant departments can take into account the actual local conditions, formulate stricter than the above service life regulations, but the three-wheeled motorcycle should not be less than 10 years, other motorcycles should not be less than 11 years.

2, guide scrap

In addition to mandatory scrapping, motorcycles also have a "guided scrapping" rule.

According to Article 7 of the Regulations on Compulsory Scrapping of Motor Vehicles, the State guides scrapping of motor vehicles that have reached a certain mileage, among which, three-wheeled motorcycles run 100,000 kilometers and other motorcycles run 120,000 kilometers.

In other words, even if your motorcycle has not reached the 13th or 11th year of retirement, but the mileage has reached 100,000 or 120,000 kilometers, the state will be guided to scrap your motorcycle.

That is to say, as soon as 11 years old motorcycles may face obsolescence.

(2) Classification of two-wheeled electric vehicles

Although there are various types of electric vehicles, they are generally divided into two categories: electric bicycles and electric motorcycles (which include two-wheeled motorcycles and electric two-wheeled mopeds).

Among them:

① electric bicycle belong to the category of non-motor vehicles, drivers can open without a driver's license.

② electric two rounds of motorcycle and electric two rounds of mopeds belongs to the motor vehicle, need to hold the corresponding driving license (E/F) to open. Among them, electric mopeds need F license, electric motorcycles need E license.


(3) How to distinguish your electric vehicle

Which is it?

Only electric bicycles do not need a driving license, electric two-wheeled motorcycle and electric two-wheeled mopeds both need a driving license, so how to distinguish?

1. Electric bicycles

 ①electric bicycle belongs to non-motor vehicles, do not need a driver's license

 ②electric bicycle pedal cycling function on appearance

 ③electric bicycle cannot be more than 25 km/h top speed

 ④electric bicycle curb weight less than or equal to 55 kg

 ⑤electric bicycle motor power is not more than 400 w

2. Electric motorcycle

 ①ordinary motorcycle driver's license needed to drive the electric motorcycle E card (D type driving license must also include electric motorcycle)

②Do not need to pedal  electric motorcycle appearance
electric motorcycle a top speed of more than 50 km/h

③electric motorcycle motor power is greater than 4 kw

3. Electric mopeds

①F certificate needed to drive the electric scooters (D and E type driving license must also include electric scooters)

②Do not need to pedal  mopeds appearance

③ electric scooters top speed is not more than 50 km/h

④ electric scooters motor power is not more than 4 kw

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