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How to avoid a pit when buying a used motorcycle?
Release date:2023.03.16

With the personalized car market share is more and more large, second-hand motorcycle trading is more and more frequent, a lot of riders to buy second-hand motorcycles as an effective way to prevent being cut leek brand, but at the same time there are a lot of people say second-hand motorcycle trading water is very deep, are worried about being cheated, today I will give you a strategy.

To buy a second-hand motorcycle to pay attention to four aspects: one is the procedure, two is the year, three is the mileage and maintenance status, four is whether there has been a major accident.

Procedures first, a used motorcycle complete procedures is the basic requirement. Less than 150 displacement of the road motorcycle, the procedure is not complete situation is more common, many motorcycles seem to have a license to drive, but not examined has been forced to scrap. They're usually cheap, but if you can't get them on the road, what's the point? Some motorcycles are attached to others or companies. For some reason, the files of the vehicles have been frozen. Although the vehicle procedures are normal, they can not pass the account, which affects a lot of business such as annual audit or re-sale.

Two is the year, because 13 years of compulsory scrap system for motorcycle in our country has not been cancelled, so, the year of impact for motorcycle is still quite big, considering that the 13 years of compulsory scrap system may be cancelled in our country, but the cancellation date is uncertain, so, it is recommended to buy motorcycles which are from the compulsory scrap date of more than five years, Because we're expecting to wait another five years for mandatory scrapping to go away, and if you wait until the scrapping date, does your car keep its value better? Does it make money? In addition, the year directly affects the second-hand motorcycle valuation, tell you a method of valuation, take the new car price by the year to discount 20%, to the new car 10,000 yuan as an example, until playing 13 years of 20% discount is equal to 550 yuan, is almost the price of selling scrap iron. Of course, after the 20% discount for the year, you'll pay more for a used motorcycle in good condition and less for a motorcycle in bad condition.

Three is mileage and maintenance, some people say that the biggest pit of second-hand motorcycles is here, because the odometer can be adjusted, some TFT instrument can also brush low mileage through the instrument, in fact, mileage must be put together with the maintenance condition to consider, because a motorcycle if well maintained, Even if two to three times more mileage than the poorly maintained motorcycle does not matter, and, well maintained motorcycle repairability is strong, even if the cylinder piston ring wear, for a new set of original factory, and can restore youth. So the reference value of the mileage is not as good as the maintenance status. The appearance of the maintenance status of the motorcycle can also be seen and felt. How to determine the engine? In fact, it can also be seen that, unscrew the oil scale, with a flashlight irradiate the inner wall of the engine box, if there is black and thick mud, it is basically a poorly maintained car, the appearance of bright can be made.

Finally talk about whether there has been a major accident, although said to check the violation of regulations or insurance, can find out some situation, but this is not important, the important thing is that you can identify the second-hand motorcycle when you buy whether the condition is normal. First, there is a simple method, which is to drive a motorcycle more than 40 yards, and then spread the ride, can drive in a straight line, major problems can be basically eliminated, even if there is a major traffic accident, at least have been repaired almost. Because of the serious deformation of the frame, the direction column of the motorcycle, is unable to complete the straight line. The second is to check the details of the vehicle, such as measuring the distance between the top screw and the seat package, and the new car is the same, the difference of more than one centimeter is the frame may be slightly deformed motorcycle, but also check whether the deformation correction before the damping is the method is to pressure the damping to see whether the automatic rebound, can not rebound smoothly the damping is either lack of oil, or deformation. Also measure the distance between the exhaust pipe and the rear tire. If there is a change, it indicates that the car may be flipped over. In addition to see whether the rear wheel and the vehicle axis coincidence, no coincidence must have occurred a more serious accident, scooter is after the deformation of the shaking frame, straddling is after the fork deformation.

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