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Wuji two new car exposure, a new 250cc sheep, 525DSX rally will be on the market
Release date:2023.03.23

The 2023 new car plan of Longxin Wuji is progressing gradually. After CU525, Q250 and AC300 Cafe, there are two new cars exposed.

In the new issue of the industry catalog, the new 250cc big Sheep pedal debuted, the Milan Auto Show on the stage of the core 525DSX also has a new development, the two new cars bring a lot of things, let us take a look at.

First look at the big sheep pedal, from the appearance can be seen that it is a new member of the SR pedal series, the vehicle modeling dynamic sharp, full body powerful. Although the keel pedal lacks practicality, it can improve the stability of control, and the big windshield and the big waist are to strengthen the comfort. Therefore, the new car is similar to the SR4 MAX and SR150GT, which are brigade running pedals with sports cruise style. According to the family characteristics, it can be called "SR250GT" for the time being.


The SR250GT's engine is also interesting, from its familiar side cover and sump to its 244cc displacement and 19kw Max power parameters, reminding us of Piaggio Aprila's QUASAR engine, the one currently used on the Piaggio X7 2.0. Of course, the new car is only the first time it has been revealed, and everything is still speculation. Other known data include a top speed of 125km/h, a reassembly mass of 165kg, 14-inch front and 13-inch rear wheels, and standard ABS anti-lock system.

Look at 525DSX, the front shape and body covering parts and 650DS, 900DS form a unified family language, and increase to 19 inches of front wheel, lengthen inverted front shock absorption, increased cross-country exhaust, obviously than the sale of DS525 more core, dashcam, TFT interconnecting instrument, TCS traction and other configuration is higher than DS525. Since it was launched worldwide at the Milan Auto Show last year, car friends will know more about it. In addition to the appearance details, the detailed parameters such as power and configuration have also been announced.

The 525DSX still uses the KE525 power platform, with the actual displacement of 494cc. The maximum power in the announcement has been increased from 35kw to 41kw, which is consistent with the sports car model 525RR. The fuel tank volume should not change, or 18L, without three boxes of reconditioning mass is 198kg (including three boxes of 216kg), the wheel size is 19 inches after 17 inches, the tire size is 110/80 after 150/70, the seat height is 810mm and 830mm optional overseas.

Longxin Wuji models more and more rich

Clearly the SR250GT and 525DSX came prepared

What do you think the price will be?

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