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Here comes the BMW electric G310R, with a maximum horsepower of perhaps 42
Release date:2023.03.23

Since the C Evolution, BMW has been developing motorcycles in the electric field for a long time. With the continuous advancement of electrification, BMW has recently introduced not only the new CE 04, but also its new electric G 310R.

According to the information revealed so far, BMW's new electric car has a uniquely designed powertrain. The battery pack, which looks like the electric G310R, is placed vertically and in the position of a traditional motorcycle radiator.

BMW's vertically sloped body layout has the advantage of being able to fit as many motors as possible. The motor powers the bevel gears, passing them to the front sprocket, which also acts as a reduction gear box to increase torque and reduce the motor's speed.


Interestingly, BMW's electric streetcar appears to be powered by the CE 04. The 42hp is slightly more horsepower than the single-cylinder G310R, and the drivetrain is belted rather than chain-driven in the internal combustion engine.

BMW has declared the related trademarks of electric streetcar series before. The new car exposed this time should belong to the "DC" series, and the subsequent pedal models of "CE" series will support BMW's electric motorcycle product line. How about the actual situation of this electric streetcar, I will follow up with you later.

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