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Domestic public upgrade climb to come, high gold GK 1200X exposure
Release date:2023.03.23

In April last year, Gao Jin released the first public upgraded retro new car in China --GK1200. The starting price of 65800 yuan also attracted the attention of many car friends. And recently, the official will launch a modified climbing version on the basis of GK1200.

Gokin's climbing version of the GK 1200X features a redesigned exterior, with a protective shell for the headlights, a hole-shaped panel for the side, and side wraps for the rear.


The GK 1200X also has some hardware tweaks for the Scrambler model, with front and rear utility tires and a higher seat; These two changes are not obvious, and the rest of the configuration should remain the same.

Kokin's Scrambler 1200X, which should be launched in the second half of the year, scrambler's scrambler name seems disrespectful in light of such a small change, but whether the new car makes a splash depends on how much it ultimately sells for.

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