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Kawasaki inverted three - wheel new development, the car will be narrower and lighter
Release date:2023.03.23

In a few years ago, when the rise of the reverse three wheels, Kawasaki has also had a related model with the patent exposure, but the follow-up did not have the corresponding model. Just when everyone thought Kawasaki's inverted tricycle was aborting, it was revealed that it was filing a new patent.

Kawasaki's latest patent for the reverse triple wheel changes the design of the front suspension system, using a parallelogram linkage mechanism so that the front wheel tilts in the same direction as the main body of the bike, but is mounted much lower.

The difference is in the mounting position of the tilt mechanism, Kawasaki is placed under the unsprung position of the suspension, rather than Yamaha, Piaggio design on the way above the suspension. The steering linkage kit is also more complex than Kawasaki Version 1.0.

Yamaha Niken and other tilting tricycles use a separate front wheel suspension design, while Kawasaki's new patent is a one-piece, said to reduce the width of the body to the maximum, aerodynamic, weight control advantages.

It is understood that Kawasaki's new patent is based on the development of a motorcycle based on the internal combustion engine, its first inverted three-wheeled motorcycle is supposed to be a traditional fuel motorcycle.

Kawasaki in a long time before the demonstration of reverse three wheel concept models, but this has a sense of science fiction reverse three wheel is still in the concept stage, and with the continuous development of Kawasaki model patents, its first reverse three wheel should soon appear, whether the real car will be as cool as the concept model, follow up with you.

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