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Technology precipitation, quality control upgrade! This sport retro American cruise performance configuration anti - hit, appearance level really sweet!
Release date:2023.03.30

Love never leaves! Technology precipitation, product polishing, only for better quality! Since the launch of the new product in August 2022, the high-end motorcycle brand New motofino, unlike normal, has not made great progress like other brands. Instead, it chooses to stay quiet and study intensively, continuously polish the product quality and precipitation technology, and strive to make an amazing debut with better quality, more high-end and more interesting revitalized products. Grass Z era consumer groups, move more end users!

At present, the consumer group in the era Z has become the backbone of consumption, and the pattern of motorcycle supply and demand has also changed. Now, motorcycle has gradually changed from tool attribute to social attribute and riding culture, and it is more like a "big toy" in the eyes of young people. The fun, fashion, cool and other fashion elements of motorcycle have become their mainstream pursuit.

As a high-end brand focusing on fashion and fun market, motofino's initial brand positioning is tailored to the young generation of consumer groups, and its products naturally highlight the current popular fashion, fashion, sports and fun elements. As motofino Motofino's first new product, the V-maxter300 is epoch-making. In recent years, the boom of retro cruise locomotive has been extremely popular in China. V-maxter300 is a classic entry level personalized American retro cruise car. Its profound cultural heritage and bold and bold riding language have attracted many riders who love locomotives.

After new grinding V-maxter300, pony 300, configuration performance, detail quality control more stand the test of time and market. Pony 300 retro fashion appearance, inherited the wild pedigree of the American locomotive, matte color matching, so that it more retro feelings. The overall design of the car is very coordinated and compact, flat capsule headlamp with a number of lens LED lamp beads, highly recognizable; Classic conical peanut fuel tank tank, unique curve shape, volume up to 17.2 liters, 100 km fuel consumption about control in the range of 2.8-3.5 liters, more lasting mileage.


In addition, the original Bobber style short tail design, can freely switch single and double seat style, at the same time, the details support personalized customization, allowing the choice of single and double seat style cushion, not only practical personality, but also beautiful and generous, and straight waist line, so that the vehicle more full of sports fashion. The car can be described as a combination of rigid and soft, classic and modern elements perfectly integrated into a body, highlighting a strong sense of sports and retro charm, novel and refined appearance level of the explosive surface let people fall in love at first sight!

In terms of power, Pony 300 adopts 300cc V-type two-cylinder four-stroke water-cooled electric injection engine, standard with sliding clutch, strong torsional power output in low and medium speed zone, easy to operate. The actual displacement of this car is 296CC, the maximum power is 22.6Kw/9000rpm (30.7ps), the peak power is 22.6N.m/7000rpm, the peak torque is 22N.m, the engine throttle response is fast, there is a strong pulling feeling when feeding oil, even in the busy city traffic jam, you can still experience the excellent sense of control. In terms of the transmission system, the belt transmission provided by Gates is directly used to ensure the strong and surging power of the vehicle and smooth and stable output, and the performance is quite good.

The car has a weight of 167Kg and a seat height of only 715mm. Even for riders who do not have the advantage of height, it is still free from pressure and easy to control. The front handle design forms a perfect isosceles triangle with the seat and feet, creating a unique driving posture for sports cruise. The 16-inch diameter front wheel design inherits the essence of "cruise" without losing flexibility, making it easier to control the car. It can be said that no matter from the power, appearance level, or control, pony 300 for new riders are extremely lethal.

In terms of configuration, the car is equipped with Yu 'an inverted shock absorption, front and rear braking system (dual channel ABS) and suspension system adopt domestic mature supporting system, quality control in place, stand the test of the market. Instrument using circular color LCD liquid crystal instrument, functional data complete, the content is clearly visible; The design of single-side double-outlet exhaust pipe creates a thick, full and powerful sound wave, which makes the riding feel more speed and can easily cope with different complex road conditions. Of course, the personalized Indian face of the car keys, also let many motorcycle friends love.

In general, pony 300 as Motofino into the high-end play models of the first trike, has been injected with many trend elements, in this "look at the face" era, pony 300 appearance level can be said to be quite powerful. After a long time of technical precipitation and grinding, pony 300 quality control upgrade, quality and size, the vehicle is not only easy to ride easy control, high performance configuration, at the same time reasonable price, riding performance is also very in place.

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