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Zongshen Sai Kelong RA401 is coming soon
Release date:2023.03.30

Car friends will find that at this stage, the major car manufacturers have strengthened the research and development of the prince cruise car, more and more models to choose, more and more displacement. Zong Shen Sai Kelong 2023 new product intensive release, row retro cruise RA401 appearance after the release, and recently appeared in the industry letter catalog, March 31 will be mass production on the market, Prince cruise style interested in car friends, may wish to wait.

The appearance of RA401 continues the family design of RA series. Round lamp round table, water drop tank, supine seat, double exhaust, all show pure and strong American cruise flavor. In addition to the LED light source, liquid crystal display, inverted front shock absorption, double disc brake, gas cylinder rear shock absorption and other hardware that is conducive to control, it does not integrate too many modern elements. The in-line twin engine and the chain drive are expected to raise some eyebrows, but the vehicle looks and feels good.


RA401 has also been publicly displayed for several times before. Combined with the information of this application, we have a more comprehensive understanding of RA401. Naturally, the power is still mature TC401 platform, with the maximum power of 33kw, the maintenance mass of 185kg, and the performance is equal to that of RE3. In terms of configuration, sliding clutch, dual-channel ABS, TFT instrument and so on will be provided. The 735mm sitting height makes the sitting position more relaxed and stretch, which can bring different riding experience from the RE series.

At present, the closest to the RA401 is the British retro streetcar RE401, so the price will probably maintain around 3w. To tell the truth, in the face of a crowd of V cylinder 300cc competing products, the price advantage does not seem to be obvious, after all, the prince cruise car performance and configuration is not the primary factor, fortunately, the RA401 appearance level is OK, with the eye edge is interested in in-depth understanding, you are optimistic about RA401?

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