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Honda will introduce a new retro pedal AHM Stylo 160
Release date:2023.03.30

At present, with the promotion of Vespa in China, the domestic retro pedal seems to be more and more favored by motorcycle enthusiasts, and Honda through the hot sale of New Continent Honda NS125LA, more let Honda see the hope of retro pedal in China. Recently, after the Japanese blogger exposed Honda's declared brand of new car --AHM Stylo 160, Photos of the retro new car's exterior have also been revealed.

We can see that the Honda Stylo 160 has a very similar style to the Vespa Dash, and also has a bump in the middle of the pedal. This bump is for the battery in the case of the Vespa Dash 150, while the bump on the Honda Stylo 160 is for the battery or the gas tank. Both the PCX160 and the LEAD125 are powered by Honda ESP+ engines. The fuel tank of both models is pedally-mounted. The PCX160 has a bump and the LEAD125 has a flat pedal and a smaller fuel tank.


The Honda Stylo 160, though modeled after the Vespa, is certainly Honda's strong suit, except that its shell can't compare to the Vespa's metal casing. The Vespa Dash 150 is powered by a 155 air-cooled three-valve engine, while the Honda 160 is powered by a water-cooled four-stroke engine. The Vespa's engine is no match for Honda's in terms of stability, fuel economy and durability. When you buy a Vespa, you buy a sentiment. When you buy a Honda, you buy an engine.

It is said that this scooter will soon be launched in China, if so, in addition to Vespa fans, those who like retro style, but also pursue the product performance of the scooter fans may have a perfect choice, and the Honda Stylo 160 launch, will most likely lead to Vespa engine upgrade, otherwise, Will lead to the price of Vespa, no matter which choice, will be difficult, however, domestic consumers are happy, except for the early turtle King, we have not seen Honda retro pedal for many years!

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