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$31,800, Benali Hurricane 402, the first TC in the middleweight sports car
Release date:2023.03.30

The Tornado 402, Benali's new midweight sports car, was launched today after a long warm-up. The Italian team designed the new European-style car, which starts at $31,800 in China.

The new Tornado 402 brings a number of new solutions to the mix, starting with the first TC in the 400cc range, mid-to-high damping Marzocchi, and Nissin braking.

Exterior parts of the new car adopt the family design of the Benali Tornado series, with a recognisable single-headlight design on the front (with a stack of LED lights inside), while the sides of the car do not follow the trend to add more decoration than practicality.

The Tornado 402, with a single aluminum rocker design, also has a weight control of 168kg thanks to the new lightweight diamond steel pipe frame.

The Tornado 402 is powered by an actual 399cc, two-cylinder, water-cooled engine with a compression ratio of 11.5:1, delivering maximum power of 35kW/ 10,000 RPM and maximum torque of 38N·m/ 8,000 RPM. At the same time also equipped with enhanced driving experience of the double pull line throttle, sliding clutch.

In terms of riding experience, the power characteristics of this new engine, which is reverse-developed from the Kawasaki 400, give people the feeling of being more gentle, and the tuning is more focused on the everyday riding experience.


The suspension system consists of Marzocchi's inverted front fork + adjustable central rear shock absorber, which is commonly used in large displacement models. This gold front shock absorber is also a relatively advanced package in this class of models.

The braking system collocation is also worth looking forward to, the front for double 300mm plate +Nissin one-way double piston calipers, the rear for 240mm single plate +Nissin single piston calipers; In addition to equipped with ABS, but also standard with TCS.

In the setting of the daily street riding, coupled with such a high-level suspension and braking package, it also provides more possibilities for this middleweight sports car, and the subsequent engine may be able to unlock more possibilities.

The tires are equipped with Maxxis vacuum tires, which are 110/70-17 for the front and 150/60-17 for the rear. The instrument is more practical and is the mainstream TFT projection screen instrument, with tire pressure monitoring function; The tank capacity is 14.8L and the seat height is 785mm.

Benali Tornado 402 shows relatively good book strength, follow-up stable quality, with this set of equipment is able to give us more expectations, what do you think of this 31800 yuan Tornado 402?

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