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Car review: Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Explorer, Big Tiger poem and distance!
Release date:2023.03.30

Triumph has a deep relationship with Tiger. In the last century, a series of its models were named after Tiger, such as T100 and T110. In fact, its previous full name was Tiger 100 and Tiger 110. But later, the car range of Triumph became larger and larger, T represents a series, Tiger represents the adventure series of models.

In 2012, Triumph introduced the Tiger Explorer, the first publicly upgraded three-cylinder adventure model, also with a shaft drive, which was also unique in its class; In 2017, Tiger explorer was renamed Tiger 1200. In 2022, the Tiger 1200 is getting a major overhaul. The car we are talking about today is the GT explorer in the Tiger 1200 series.


Appearance modeling

Let's start with the exterior design of this car. First of all, its front face is used to look like a family, similar to other Tiger models, but there are also differences. The headlamp is more thick, followed by the cover on both sides of the headlamp and the bottom beak is an integrated shape.

From the front, the beak covers almost all of the Samsung, giving the 1200 a firmer feel than other models such as the Tiger 900. In addition, there is a fender under the beak, and the upper beak has the function of diversion in addition to decoration.

Let's look back and forth again, you will find that the water tank is gone, the old 1200 and the cash Tiger 900 are on the front, but the new 1200 water tank is placed inside the covering parts on both sides, making a hidden design; It makes the whole car feel very powerful. If TIGER850 and TIGER900 are more athletic youth, this car belongs to the muscle-pulling warrior.

The whole engine of the old 1200 model is exposed, so it looks a little like a street car when looking at the side. However, the cylinder head of the new engine is covered by the frame and covering parts on both sides, so the overall and delicate feeling will be better when looking at the side. The new 1200 subframe also does color jumping processing, frame is also a part of the visual communication.

The Explorer version has a 30-litre tank, so we can see that the tank bulge is a little higher, which adds muscle to the whole car. The back seat is wide and rounded, and the front and rear seats are a split design, both comfortable and supportive.

Another interesting thing about this car is that it uses the traditional in-line three-cylinder horizontal mode and matching shaft transmission. This design undoubtedly adds more mechanical structure, and there will be power loss, but for a public upgrade model, stability is more important than such small power loss.

In addition, its rear rocker arm is no longer like the old single rocker arm structure, and the whole drive shaft is relatively bulky. The new drive shaft is also a part of the rear rocker arm, and there is a double torque arm, which makes the rear suspension part lighter and more adaptable.

Exhaust is relatively flat and very upright, with the body, frame fit is also relatively tight, but also relatively high, making the tail is relatively compact, with the front of the vehicle is relatively wide and thick feeling in sharp contrast. From the tail or from the side behind, it feels very energetic and powerful.

Dynamic configuration

Let's talk briefly about the configuration of this car. The water-cooled 12-valve inline three-cylinder engine has a capacity of 1160cc, 55cc less than the previous generation's 1215cc, but the power and torque are improved. It can produce 110kW of power at 9,000 RPM, equivalent to 150 RPM. 130 nm of torque at 7,000 RPM.

Engine compression ratio up to 13.2:1, 255 kg of reconditioning mass, wheelbase 1560mm, seat height 850-870mm, you can also choose a lower version is 830mm, fuel tank volume 30 liters, front and rear with cast aluminum wheels, front 19 and back 18 inches, front wheel width is 120, rear wheel width is 150.

Showa 49mm semi-active electronic shock absorber is used for the front shock absorber, and Showa semi-active single gun shock absorber is used for the rear shock absorber. Both the front and rear travel are 200mm, and the pre-load is automatically adjustable.

For the brake, Brembo's opposite four-piston radial calipers with double floating discs are used in the front, and Brembo's one-way single piston with single disc is used in the back.

As the flagship model of the public upgrade of Triumph, the electric control is also full, the electronic shock absorber can be adjusted by the hand button, and the tail is also equipped with a blind spot monitoring radar, which can monitor whether the car is coming behind, through the two sides of the headlights prompt.

Other electronic throttle, fixed cruise, traction control, bend ABS and more intimate function of hand heating, front and rear seat heating, rear seat and charging interface.

Riding experience

The idle speed is around 1,500 RPM. Basically, our daily cycling speed is maintained at more than 2,000 RPM. The maximum torque officially marked is burst at 7000 RPM, but the actual torque above 2,000 RPM is nearly 100N·m for your use at any time, so the fault tolerance of the whole gear is very high.

When you're in low gear, it torches more directly. When you're in high gear, even at a slower speed, it still gives you enough torque, but it's a little softer. As a three-cylinder model, it has both the advantages of a two-cylinder car at low torque and the extension of a four-cylinder car at high RPM.

After riding the vehicle, you will find that the engine braking is relatively gentle when the oil is returned, but at the moment when the oil power is connected, there will be a more obvious sense of frustration. Listen closely and you can hear the mechanical impact. This is also a major feature of the shaft drive model, other shaft drive cars have a similar situation.

This car equipped with blind monitoring function is still very practical, the first sensitivity is OK, when in the traffic flow inside, you will find the car behind you within 10 meters, on both sides of the turn signal will remind you that there is a vehicle approaching, when the vehicle left parallel, remind the light group is no longer flashing.

The fuel consumption performance of the new Tiger 1200 can be divided into two situations. One is about 5~6 oil in the high-speed riding, and 7~8 oil in the more aggressive daily riding. Even if it is seven or eight, you can run 300 or 400 kilometers with a 30L tank of oil.

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