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Motorcycle, electric bicycle helmet new national standard released! There are three characteristics
Release date:2023.04.06

On April 3, the Ministry of Public Security held a press conference to release 100 standards for public safety industry. Wei Hong, deputy director general of the Department of Standards and Technology of the State Administration for Market Regulation, introduced that in order to thoroughly implement the important deployment of "improving the level of public safety governance" proposed in the 20th CPC Report, the State Administration for Market Regulation recently approved the release of mandatory national standards closely related to people's lives. Among them, GB 811-2022 "Motorcycle and Electric Bicycle Occupant Helmet" focuses on people's travel safety.

Motorcycle and electric bicycle occupant helmet is an important equipment to reduce the head injury of drivers in road traffic accidents. There are nearly 100 million motorcycles and more than 300 million electric bicycles in China, which have become an important means of transportation for People's Daily travel. According to statistics, the number of deaths caused by craniocerebral injury in road traffic accidents of motorcycles and electric bicycles accounts for more than 80% of the total number of deaths. Wearing safety helmets can effectively reduce the risk of head injury and death. In order to effectively ensure people's travel safety, the State Administration for Market Regulation, together with the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, has organized relevant standardization technical committees and technical institutions to revise and publish a new version of the National standard for Motorcycle Occupant Helmets for Motorcycles and electric Bicycles on the basis of the 2010 version of the national standard for Motorcycle Occupant Helmets.


The standard applies to helmets worn by drivers and riders of motorcycles and electric bicycles. The revised standard has the following three features:

First, the scope of application is expanded. Based on the original motorcycle helmet, the type and technical requirements of electric bicycle occupant helmet are included in the standard for the first time, filling the gap in the standard and solving the problem of no standard to rely on.

Second, the product specifications were refined. Combined with the shape characteristics of Chinese people's heads, the size specifications of helmets were increased from 3 categories to 5 categories, taking into account the wearing requirements of minors and adults. Three types of helmet shapes were proposed, including full helmet, 3/4 half helmet and 1/2 half helmet, to adapt to the use needs of different seasons and improve the comfort of wearing.

Third, safety requirements are improved, including goggles wear resistance, helmet surface strength and other indicators, and requirements for stability of fixed devices, strength of wearing devices, impact energy absorption performance, and penetration resistance are improved.

The release and implementation of the new helmet standards, the implementation of the "14th Five-Year" National Road Traffic Safety Plan to improve helmet wearing rate and encourage helmet sales related deployment, will further consolidate the effectiveness of the "helmet Belt" safety protection action, to improve the motorcycle, electric bicycle riders safety awareness, It plays an important role in guiding consumers to choose helmet products conforming to the standard.

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