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The new rules will come into effect on April 1st! The motorcycle starts directly after refueling: no push away
Release date:2023.04.06

A raft of new rules came into force in April.

According to SINOPEC, starting from April 1, motorcycles can be started directly after filling up the gas station and driving away! Previously, after refueling motorcycles need to push 4.5 meters away from the tanker to start, some motorcycles weigh 100 jin, pushing up very hard.

This special requirement for motorcycle refueling comes from the "Safety Code for Gas Station Operation" issued in 2007, which stipulates: "The driver should leave the seat before the motorcycle refueling; After refueling the motorcycle, the motorcycle should be pushed 4.5 meters away from the refueling before starting."

At the time, this rule was for safety reasons, because the motorcycle fuel tank is relatively small, the pressure of the tanker is relatively high, it is easy to leak when refueling. The motor of a motorcycle is directly below the fuel tank, which can easily ignite a drip of fuel and cause a fire. Nowadays, with the development and progress of technology, gas stations generally adopt measures such as oil and gas recovery, which can avoid running and dripping, so there is no need to promote 4.5 meters.


It is understood that from April 1, 2023, "Ministry of Emergency Management, PRC 2022 Announcement No. 7" on the implementation of the "Operation safety Specifications for gas stations", cancel the original motorcycle refueling after the need to push 4.5 meters before starting, only mentioned: "refueling operations, the refueling operator should confirm the vehicle to stop and turn off; Motorcycle drivers and passengers should leave their seats, turn off the vehicle and place it smoothly; Oiler and customer to confirm the name and brand of oil and other information; The customer should be prompted to release body static electricity before approaching the tank port."

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