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The impact of National V emissions on motorcycle industry
Release date:2023.04.06

What are the effects of National V emission standards on the motorcycle industry? This is a question that everyone in the motorcycle industry wants to know, because no one can ignore the impact of motorcycle emission standards on the motorcycle industry. Let's start by reviewing the impact of each emission standard on the motorcycle industry.

On July 1, 2001, the country I emission standards were implemented. At that time, in addition to manufacturers, the entire motorcycle industry had no concept of emission standards, but vaguely remember that after 2001, the two-stroke motorcycle gradually withdrew from the motorcycle market. In fact, the implementation of the emission standards of the country I on the motorcycle industry is quite large, some motorcycle manufacturers to the sales of two-stroke products are very injured, never recover, such as Hongdu, South and so on.

On July 1, 2005, the implementation of the national Ⅱ emission standards, motorcycle manufacturers to cope with the measures is to increase a secondary air supplement device on the four-stroke engine, so that the exhaust gas in the air to join the case, full combustion, reduce the content of harmful gases. Because of the small increase in the cost of the secondary air supplement device, the impact of Country II emissions on the motorcycle industry is not very big, and the whole industry is smoothly switched.

The implementation of national Ⅲ emission in 2009, because to deal with national Ⅲ emission needs to increase the secondary air supplement device on the four-stroke engine, increase the three-way catalytic catalyst in the exhaust pipe, increase the fuel evaporation recovery device in the fuel supply system, the increased cost of these devices is obviously high, but 2009 is the peak period of production and sales of the motorcycle industry, The competition in the motorcycle industry is also the most intense period, the whole industry is very sensitive to the price of motorcycles during that period, so many motorcycle enterprises to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to digest the inventory as a reason, request delay implementation, so the country Ⅲ emissions until July 1, 2010 was strictly implemented, the country Ⅲ emissions after the implementation, making the joint venture brand in China's domestic market rapid rise, And miscellaneous brand enterprises because do fake country three have greater profit space, so the price of about 3000 fake country Ⅲ car rampant in the township market, the high and low to the middle of the domestic brand squeezed out of breath, domestic brand is in the country Ⅲ period of domestic sales market in serious decline.

On July 1, 2019, the repeatedly delayed national Ⅳ emission standard was strictly implemented. The National Ⅳ emission standard required that the fuel supply system of motorcycles must be changed into an electric injection system, the secondary air supplement device was cancelled, and the fuel evaporation recovery device and three-way catalytic catalyst were retained. The implementation of National Ⅳ emission standard greatly increased the cost of motorcycles, and the technical threshold was also greatly raised. Motorcycle industry domestic brand domestic market access products were completely strangled. Even the off-brand cars have lost their glory. Only Haojue and a number of joint venture brands were left to carve up the channel product market, at this time the entire motorcycle production enterprises began to transition to large displacement personalized products, the domestic market of large row of products, a hundred schools of thought that the second spring of the Chinese motorcycle market has come. But the real figure for the Chinese domestic market last year was no more than 5 million. Of course, large-displacement products have boosted the turnover of the entire industry, extended the industrial chain, and made motorcycle modification parts, riding clothes and helmets popular on the Internet.

As can be seen from the front, each emission standard upgrade has a far-reaching impact on the motorcycle industry, and the motorcycle industry will soon face the national V emission standards. According to the previous experience, originally every 5 years to upgrade the emission standards, of course, the higher the upgrade of emission standards, the greater the increase in cost, the greater the technical difficulty, so there is a gap of 9 years between the implementation of country Ⅳ emission and country Ⅲ emission, does this mean that from 2019, at most in 2028 to implement the emission standards of country V?

At present, the country V motorcycle emission standards have not been developed and published, but some enterprise technicians have basically guessed what will be upgraded, because of the automobile country V standard and motorcycle European V emission standards as a reference, so many enterprises have begun to intentionally or unintentionally to create conditions for V emissions, in order to take the opportunity in the future market. It is generally believed that the emission standard of China V is mainly in the catalytic catalyst of the exhaust pipe, and some rare metals will be added as catalytic catalyst, which will naturally increase some costs. Now the retail price of each exhaust pipe of the regular brand single cylinder motorcycle is about 800 yuan. After the implementation of the emission of China V, it will certainly be more expensive. Take the automobile industry as an example, because after the emission of national V, the catalytic catalyst of the automobile installed in the exhaust pipe is removable and replaceable, and the value is high, so some thieves specially steal the catalytic catalyst of the automobile for a living. This also reminds us, after the future of the motorcycle country V emissions, is it also necessary to do a exhaust pipe anti-theft device?

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