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Will fuel - powered motorcycles really leave the market?
Release date:2023.04.06

Many of the world's leading car manufacturers have announced that they will stop production of fuel cars around 2035 or 2040. It seems that fuel cars are bound to exit the market. So will fuel motorcycles really be out of the market? I asked a number of motorcycle executives this question, and they all had different opinions. I summarized the pros and cons.

One is the belief that gas-powered motorcycles will eventually disappear from the market, on the grounds that while the ceiling of electric cars has not yet been breached due to battery technology, the range anxiety of electric cars will disappear once infrastructure such as charging points and changing stations are in place.

In addition, vigorously developing electric vehicles is also a policy advocated by the state. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, it can also reduce our country's dependence on fossil energy, which is a strategy related to national transportation. Moreover, in the field of fuel vehicles, whether fuel cars or fuel motorcycles, we can not compete with Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries in manufacturing technology, but in the field of electric vehicles is different, we almost stand at the same starting line with Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries, and because of our huge market capacity, we can achieve corner overtaking in the field of electric vehicles. Byd's rise in sales is telling.

The other kind of viewpoint does not believe that fuel vehicle will withdraw from the market, the reason is that fuel vehicle technology has been developed for more than one hundred years, now has been relatively mature, Japan and the United States and other developed countries will not easily give up their advantages. And fuel cars do not have to rely on electricity supply, driving range, driving experience are irreplaceable fuel cars. Especially since the outbreak of the Russian and Ukrainian war, more let people see that although the whole world is mainly peaceful development, but the world is not peaceful, if the outbreak of war, even if civil buildings are not attacked, but the power supply system will certainly be attacked, therefore, fuel car based personalized transportation tools, or can adapt to the complex vehicle environment.

As for corner overtaking in the manufacturing sector, that's pure bullshit. How can you beat a corner if you can't beat a straight? Moreover, the difficulty factor of overtaking on the curve is much greater than that on the straight. Those curves overtaking theory is just for their own industrial interests to the national functional departments for greater development of the rhetoric. As for emissions, fuel cars are now subject to national 6 standards and fuel motorcycles to National 4 standards. It is entirely possible to reduce the emission of pollutants through technology. It is said that our fuel motorcycle industry visionary enterprise has begun to develop country V emission models.

According to the above point of view, it is difficult to accurately judge whether the fuel car will eventually exit the stage of history, but in my opinion, the possibility of fuel car completely exit the stage of history is still very small, and the possibility of long-term coexistence of fuel car and electric car is more likely. Although human beings are gradually carrying out urbanization, there is a wider area on the earth, which still needs the diversification of transportation means. Between energy-intensive industries and technology-intensive industries, technology-intensive industries still have strong vitality and development space. Unless innovative technologies emerge, it is unlikely that electric cars will completely replace gas-powered vehicles.

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