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27,000, home-grown "R18+Bobber" has arrived
Release date:2023.04.06

Easy to use, comfortable riding posture of cruise models, recently is a hot motorcycle market type, recently domestic manufacturers zero locomotive also took advantage of the trend yesterday launched their first Bobber- LH450, the new car price is 26920 yuan.

Much of the focus on this new car is its conspicuous design. The Bobber of the Zero combines the BMW R18's water drop fuel tank, the Triumph Bobber's side exhaust, subframe and bracket.

On the side of the LH450, you can see many familiar design elements, and the lines and overall styling are more in line with BMW's R18.

In order to create the atmosphere of a large row of cars, the LH450 also uses a combination of front and rear 16-inch spoke hubs and front 150mm+ rear 180mm tire width. The headlights are rounded leds, with a slightly odd diamond shaped turn signal on both sides.


The engine of LH450 is not the Spring Breeze 450 engine in everyone's first impression, but a water-cooled engine with cylinder diameter * stroke of 66.5*66.2mm, maximum power of 27kW/8500rpm, maximum torque of 34N·m/6000rpm, belt drive, and book power output tends to be low torque. But the numbers are not impressive.

The suspension system of the new car is the vertical front fork + the central rear shock absorber, and the front part is equipped with a dust jacket. The whole shock absorber should be unadjustable; The braking part is the front 300mm hydraulic double disc brake + the rear hydraulic single disc brake, and supplemented by domestic ABS, the official disclosure of 30km/h braking distance is less than or equal to 7m.

Unfortunately, the new $27,000 car doesn't come with the sliding clutch that has become standard; Since the fuel tank needs to be coordinated with the car body, the capacity is only 12L. Considering the official disclosed fuel consumption of 3.5L 100 km, the endurance of LH450 should reach 300km.

Although the zero LH450 looks slimmer, the reassembly mass is 218kg. The seat height, however, remains a friendly 710mm (the official rear wheel size should have been entered incorrectly). The new car is available in 6 colors.

Although No. Zero locomotive is from Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, which has a relatively complete motorcycle industry chain in China, the quality of this new LH450 starting from 27,000 yuan is still a question mark. With the configuration information displayed on the LH450, will you choose this new car, which is called "domestic R18" by car friends?

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