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What's the difference between a good motorcycle and a bad motorcycle?
Release date:2023.04.12

How many parts are there in a motorcycle? There's really no exact answer. Back in 2010, I counted the Yamaha Excalibur Parts catalog. It had 802 parts, but these parts could be split, for example. If a turn signal assembly is divided into lamp shell, lamp shade, light bulb, lamp holder, nut and so on and several times more. Moreover, the number of different motorcycle parts is not the same, small displacement and large displacement differences, single cylinder and multiple cylinder differences.

Therefore, the real purpose of studying how many parts there are in a motorcycle is to tell you that there are more than one thousand reasons for the quality difference between a high-quality motorcycle and an inferior motorcycle. Therefore, the car can not only look at the appearance, price or configuration, but the importance of the brand.


Do you think, among the more than 1,000 parts, whether the metal parts take into account thermal expansion and cold contraction? Are elasticity and strength taken into account in plastic parts and wear resistance and aging time in rubber parts? Are these parts moulded according to the requirements of the brand or purchased directly from the fitting factory? Does the development of these parts conform to the fundamentals of machine building? Or is it forced to reverse development in order to pursue a similar appearance to the popular models in the market? Is there a strict process for assembling these 1000 + parts? Has the vehicle been tested for durability after production? Whether there are parts quality, assembly quality tracking mechanism, all these directly affect the overall quality of a motorcycle. And these quality control is also directly reflected in the brand power.

Therefore, those who say that if you give me the price of Honda, I can also make the quality of Honda, or the appearance of the motorcycle depends on imitation, no matter how good the boast, it is hard to convince people. After all, only a brand with its own unique technology and quality management can have its own soul, so good motorcycle in addition to expensive, the rest is full of advantages, imitation motorcycle in addition to cheap, The rest is all faults!

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