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To cover up the defects of the motorcycle noun, ABS system intervention too early, the shortcomings say like advantages
Release date:2023.04.12

This article will explain a motorcycle review of a new term, "ABS brake system intervention too early". When you hear it or see it, be aware that it has nothing to do with the ABS braking system, it's just a new term that covers up the vehicle's poorly matched braking system.

ABS brake system on the back of the pot, ABS has no choice for the start time

"The ABS braking system intervened too early, and it seems that the wrong time was chosen for the ABS to start. In fact, ABS Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is used to automatically adjust the braking torque on the wheel (wheel braking force) during the braking process to prevent the wheel from braking when the braking torque acting on the wheel is greater than the tire and ground friction torque locking phenomenon. The important point here is that the condition for the system to start is to detect a tendency for the tire to stop running. So, as long as the car has the speed and the tires have a tendency to stop, normal ABS will start, it does not have the right to choose the start time.

ABS brake system starts too early, transferring defects to ABS configuration publicity

Since there is no such thing as ABS intervening too early, where did the term come from? It is mainly the intervention of ABS brake system to ensure the maximum braking force of the motorcycle itself, at the same time, due to the high frequency of brake release and holding switch, resulting in a sudden stop feeling of handlebars, which makes people feel uncomfortable. Due to the high attention paid to the ABS brake configuration, a lot of propaganda regards every ABS intervention process as a life-saving process. As a result, the more ABS is involved, the driver is like a kitten with many more lives. Some people put this frequently appeared ABS intervention phenomenon as "ABS" brake system intervention too early. Even the downside is high-end, because it keeps you alive so many times.


The ABS braking system intervened too early to mask the weakness of the tyre grip

Who caused the so-called "ABS brake system intervention too early". In essence, this ABS intervention is premature because the tire grip is too low. The ultimate determinant of braking is the amount of friction your tires have on the ground. No matter how powerful your disc brake system is, it's the friction between the tires and the ground that stops your car. The ABS brake system is designed to help you get the maximum number of brakes that stop the car from moving forward (note that the tires are not the disc brakes).

Therefore, a very poor grip tire, due to the inability to obtain greater friction and ground against the brake, in the face of a more powerful disc brake, will soon appear to lock the trend. In essence, this is an unreasonable match of the braking system, which boils down to the early start of the braking system, covering up the existence of low grade tires in this defect.

In theory, the paper will be boring, so to summarize:

1. The intervention point of ABS brake system is in the moment of tire lock, which has no room for choice and adjustment;

2, the so-called "premature intervention of abs brake system", in essence, is frequent intervention of ABS brake system, the root cause is the tire grip is too weak;

3, see the essence can improve it, if you want to let the ABS brake system do not intervene early, change the high performance tire can be.

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