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You get what you pay for, the difference between CB500X and CB400X
Release date:2023.04.12

The middle row shop said that the CB400X is only 72cc less than the CB500X, but 30,000 cheaper. The Big Trade shop said that the CB500X and the CB400X are completely different. Consumers worry that if they buy CB500X, it will cost 30,000 yuan more, so they won't be wronged. When they buy CB400X, they worry that there will be a big difference between domestic and imported ones. Today, I will briefly analyze the differences between CB500X and CB400X:

First of all, the functional difference between the two cars is that CB500X tends to be an all-terrain adventure car, which is mainly manifested in that the front wheel hub is 19 inches, while the front wheel hub of CB400X is 17 inches. This difference is not only the change of the hub size, but also directly affects the travel of the front shock absorption, the seat height of the vehicle, the ground clearance of the vehicle and the riding triangle of the vehicle. Compared with CB400X, CB500X has longer front shock-absorbing travel, 23mm higher seat height and 24mm higher ground clearance. In terms of riding triangle, CB400X is more inclined to sports RV with the style of street car, while CB500X has more upright riding posture and better comfort.


Secondly, the two car configuration difference. The upgraded CB500X uses Showa overhang in the front to increase the strength of the entire column, Showa's multi-link five-section adjustable central shock in the rear, and the South Sichuan shock in the CB400X. The CB500X front brake is a floating double disc brake, while the CB400X uses a floating single disc brake. 

Then there is the difference between the engines. Although CB500X and CB400X adopt the same platform two-cylinder water-cooled engine, the displacement difference is 72cc, but the displacement difference between the two engines is not caused by cylinder expansion, but by the change of piston stroke. Therefore, when CB400X wants to achieve the same power as CB500X, Engine speed must be higher, at the same time will bring vibration changes. And because of the difference in displacement, the maximum power and maximum torque of the two engines have some differences. The CB400X has a maximum power of 4kw and a maximum torque of 8nm less than the 500X.

CB400X is produced by Wuyang Honda, while CB500X is produced by Tai Honda, so there are differences in supply and operating costs. As a domestic CB400X component, it has a fuller supply and shorter cycle, and has certain advantages in cost, while CB500X component has a longer supply cycle and is relatively more expensive.

The above difference directly leads to a price difference of 30,000 yuan between the two cars. However, there is a difference between them. Middle-row shops are squeezed harder by domestic Honda, so CB400X's profit margin is not as big as CB500X's. At the moment when the consumption of large-row motorcycles is relatively low, CB500X can offer a discount of 7,000 to 7,000 carts, while CB400X is also selling goods, but no matter how much it sells goods, it is not as strong as CB500X. At this point, the CB500X seems like a better deal now.

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