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Talk about the 13-year mandatory scrapping of motorcycles
Release date:2023.04.12

For the domestic ban on motorcycle, so many years of history, maybe we also slowly get used to, feel like there is no ban on motorcycle. However, this is a shackle for the domestic motorcycle industry, because the high-end development of motorcycles is mainly fun models. Of course, it is certain that the sales volume of motorcycles with small displacement will account for the majority in a long period of time, but the fun of motorcycles must be irreversible, so the main users of motorcycles with large displacement are still in cities. But when cities ban motorcycles, where do they go?

This can also explain how our country's motorcycle industry is big but not strong strange circle, even if the motorcycle to invest in the development of large displacement motorcycle, but sales can not keep up, the cost can not be recovered, so can only focus on small displacement channel models, otherwise can not survive. But the good news is that now some cities are gradually opening up, so motorcycle companies also began to launch large displacement motorcycle, because of the market demand, although many of the engines carried on these models are modeled after Honda and other big factories, but just like the domestic brands of cars also started from imitation, but today is also a great progress, everyone is there to see. However, hindering the development of the domestic motorcycle industry is another forced scrapping policy, most places are 13 years of mandatory scrapping, but Jiangsu seems to be 11 years of mandatory scrapping, love Jiangsu motorcycle friends three seconds.


There may be some friends will not understand, 13 years of scrapping is not good for MOAB companies? When a motorcycle is forced to scrap after more than ten years of riding, you have to buy another one, right? Doesn't that promote consumption? However, if you think about a deeper level, will MOAB companies think about cutting corners because of the scrapping in 13 years? Anyway, they will be scrapped in 10 years or so, no matter how good the materials are used, it will be in vain, but it will increase the cost and affect the profit. In this way, the quality is artificially reduced, the brand image is not good for a long time, why Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha can do the world famous, especially Honda, how many years of motorcycle sales leader in the world ah. On what? Quality, quality, quality!

Imagine if Japan had a mandatory scrapping policy, do you think there would be a chance for Japanese motorcycles to become famous in the world? At present, the country advocates a conservation-oriented society, and the promotion of domestic demand and internal circulation has become a policy direction of the country due to the blockage of the Western countries, so the mandatory scrapping of motorcycles in 13 years is even more incompatible. Not to mention the famous brand motorcycles, many people around me have bought small manufacturers imitating Honda CG125 motorcycles and ridden them for more than ten years. Of course there are maintenance and replacement parts, this is normal, one of my relatives bought a Feng Guang CG125 motorcycle in 2005 and still rides it, of course in the village. What does this mean?

That is, the design and manufacturing standards of motorcycles can far exceed the mandatory scrapping life of 13 or 11 years, let alone joint-venture or imported motorcycles. In my previous article, there are many motorcycle friends who say that their motorcycle riding is not much, 13 years can not ride tens of thousands of kilometers, so also to scrap, really a pity, very unwilling, a very good motorcycle is forced to scrap, this is not a great waste of it? Besides, why can't cars be inspected every year after 10 years like cars, and those qualified can continue to be driven on the road? Wouldn't that be fairer and less wasteful?

In fact, it is not difficult to pull the domestic demand in motorcycle, there are a lot of motorcycle friends have to buy big trade motorcycle demand, but the city's ban on motorcycle policy and 13 years of scrap policy let a lot of people give up the idea, spend hundreds of thousands to buy Honda big gold wing want to go on a journey, but there are many cities are banned motorcycle, that can not help but go to other cities can? But in the blink of an eye to scrap the life, just ride tens of thousands of kilometers how to do, can only be at home to enjoy. In a bad economic environment, and with a lackluster boost to the housing market, a little more tolerance and less restrictions on motorcycles might actually be a good thing.

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