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Nmax155 on the same platform, Yamaha new entry level pedal release!
Release date:2023.04.12

Last year, Yamaha released a new entry-level pedal, the X Frorce, and recently, to further expand the market, Yamaha released the X Force Low with a low seat plate.

The main change of the new car is that the height of the seat is reduced from the standard version of 815mm to 785mm. The height of 30mm is reduced to further reduce the difficulty of the new car, so that more riders have the confidence to handle this small pedal.

Yamaha's new X Frorce is based on the Force it launched in Taiwan province, powered by the familiar Nmax 155 engine, The actual 155cc water-cooled single-cylinder engine has a maximum power of 11kW (15PS) / 8000rpm and a maximum torque of 14N·m/6500rpm.


It is worth noting that although the seat height of the new car has been lowered, the capacity under the bucket remains the same at 23.2 liters, which can fit a small three-quarter helmet.

The braking part is the front wavy plate + double piston caliper, the rear round plate + single piston caliper, and is equipped with ABS; Suspension system for the front vertical front fork + rear double barrel shock absorber.

The X-Force is also equipped with the Y-Connect system, which can be connected to a smartphone to check the fuel consumption and oil level. Tank capacity: 6.1L, vehicle weight: 130kg, tire specifications for front 120/70-13M, rear 130/70-13.

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