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Motorcycle tire tips!
Release date:2023.04.27

Motorcycle tire is equivalent to human feet, it is very important for the motorcycle, it directly affects the motorcycle driving safety, fuel consumption, acceleration, comfort and so on.

Among motorcycle customers, there are two extreme phenomena. One is the excessive saving of overload tires. The tire lines are worn flat and reluctant to change. Because they think, no matter what kind of tire, anyway, as bad as a nail.

The other is the blind pursuit of tires to the direct feeling of the motorcycle, the new car began to change the width and thickness of the tire, do not look at the parameters of the original tire, as long as it can bring their own psychological satisfaction on the line. Today I will give you a brief introduction to the parameters of the tire on the impact of the vehicle, I hope you can use.

Tire models are labeled in two ways. One is the imperial model, such as 3.50-10, where 3.50 represents the tire section diameter of 3.5 inches and the next 10 represents the hub diameter of 10 inches. One inch equals 2.54 centimeters. The other is a metric model, such as 90/90-10, where the 90 on the front represents a cross-section height of 90 mm and the 90 on the back represents a width ratio of 90 per cent, meaning the width of the tyre is 81 mm. The rear hub is also 10 inches in diameter.

This 50J represents the maximum load and maximum speed, where 50 represents the maximum load of 190 kg. The greater the value, the greater the maximum load, such as 51J, the maximum load is 195 kg. J means the maximum safe speed of the tire is 100 kilometers per hour, and the higher the letters go, K for 110 yards, L for 120 yards, and 10 yards for each letter further back. 4P.R. Represents 4-level tire. The higher the level of tire, the greater the bearing weight, but the higher the level of tire is not the better, because the higher the level, the worse the buffer force of tire, so it will affect the vibration and road noise of vehicles. Whatever fits the vehicle.

The number 3821 represents the date of delivery. The first two numbers represent the 38th week, and the last two numbers represent the year. It means that the tire is delivered IN the 38th week of the 21st year, which is equivalent to the factory in August of the 21st year. General tire shelf life is three to five years, but many owners are not aware of this.

To determine whether it is a vacuum tire, look at the English sign, TUBELESS, the English word means no tube, we often say vacuum tire. The tire also marked the maximum load and cold tire maximum pressure, the maximum load is 195 kilograms, the maximum pressure is 250 kpa, equivalent to 2.5 atmospheres.

The installation of the tire is oriented, marked with the direction of rotation of the tire, the installation direction is mainly reflected in the tire pattern, which affects the drainage and grip of the tire. There is a wear safety mark in the pattern opposite the triangle on the edge of the tire. If the tire pattern is worn to the safety mark, the thickness of the tire will have safety risks. In addition, the pattern of shallow grinding will also affect the tire drainage, thus affecting the tire grip. So when you hit the safety mark, you have to change the tire.

In addition, the tire has a yellow weight sign, which must be aligned with the valve nozzle position when mounting. Dynamic balancing is a must when changing a tire on a straddle motorcycle with a top speed of more than 120 yards.

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