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Cruise model sales surge in recent years, what advantage does it have?
Release date:2023.04.27

It is estimated that many new motorcycle friends to buy a car, have encountered this similar situation, at the beginning to buy a street car, after all, the overall structure of the street car is relatively concentrated, short wheelbase, strong flexibility, cool shape, in the process of test may also find several models like Wuji AC300, Qiddian 150, Honda 190 and so on, but finally choose to choose to actually choose the cruise car. Why is that? In the end, these advantages are attractive, especially for new drivers.

Stability and comfort

The long wheelbase of the cruise car determines that the linear stability of this model is stronger, and the long wheelbase can increase the seat space, the main seat and the back seat can have enough space, (compared to imitation race and street car, stilts and narrow tail seat is very pick fender) whether the owner or the fender riding comfort enhancement, can adapt to a long time riding, and the long wheelbase increases the length of the body, The appearance is more magnificent. The ride triangle is more comfortable, and there is less arm or neck pain during long rides.


Sitting height

Cruise cars generally sit higher than low ones. To name a few examples, Flash 150:715mm, RA250: 745mm, Haojue TR300:730mm and so on, generally 750mm below the high energy to adapt to the vast majority of the height of the car friends, is extremely friendly to the novice, compared to the imitation race and street car at every 800 high, is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages.

Wide range of application

The cruise car can not only meet the daily commuting, but also can occasionally run mountain pressure, and even run motorcycle travel is not a few. At the same time, there is no problem for people, only need to install a rear back, safety can also improve a lot.


Cruise car modification scheme is very much and fancy, change a, add a lampshade, fender, stickers, side bag, backrest and so on, whether you want to make American or European cruise, Bobber, chopper and so on, you want what kind of shape can be changed into what, play is very high, typical examples are Lifan V16 and RA2 and other models.

Having said its advantages, this car also has its shortcomings. The disadvantages of a long wheelbase are naturally that it is not as flexible as a street car, and it needs a larger Angle to turn; It is difficult to reach the bending Angle of imitation or street car, and the heavier car affects the control and so on.

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