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From 8980 yuan, extreme core new fun light electric motorcycle released, as well as the forbidden area can ride new cars
Release date:2023.04.27

After the AE series pedal models, Spring Breeze's high-end electric motorcycle brand Polarcore released the new C! TY's first model - Electric light friction C! TY PLAY, the new car starts at 10,980 yuan. At the same time also disclosed the first new national standard electric bicycle C! TY FUN presale price: 8980 yuan.

Polar Core's new C! The TY PLAY, which we previously reported when it filed its patent, is a streetwear, off-road lightweight motorcycle. C! The TY PLAY adopts a more centralized battery layout scheme, combined with the aluminum alloy frame with twin spars and the 70kg body, making this minimalist new car full of playability.

The medium motor can provide rated power of 1300W, peak power of 1800W, peak speed of 3500rpm and wheel torque of 110N·m. Judging from this power output characteristic, the C! TY PLAY is also more of a low-twist experience.

The brake is equipped with front and rear spray plate + double piston calipers, front plate Zhijin 240mm, rear plate diameter 200mm. The suspension system is a combination of inverted front fork and rear central shock absorber, with adjustable preload in the whole section of rear shock absorption.


Another highlight of the new car is the digital twin meter, which allows you to use your phone's screen as a smart meter through a redesigned phone stand. The digital twin instrument can not only get rid of the display limitation of the instrument, but also display the electric quantity, driving range, current speed, switching driving mode, etc., and the display data is captured from the vehicle through the digital twin technology.

C! TY PLAY is also equipped with a mobilizable energy recovery system. You can adjust the kinetic energy recovery in the APP. The third gear can be adjusted, and you can freely control the endurance or performance priority.

The front face of the new car is the matrix LED headlights, the rear is the glider longitudinal minimalist taillights, the tire is the front and rear 17 inch turtle back vacuum tire, the seat is hollow sports cushion design. The range is known to be 70 kilometers.

Polar core C! The TY PLAY comes in two colors: Starfire Gold and Space Silver, inspired by the starry sky.

And open the pre-sale of the new national standard electric bicycle C! The TY FUN, which will be ready for delivery in the first half of this year, follows the C! TY PLAY style new cars, so that in the forbidden areas of urban youth, have more fashion travel choices. The pre-sale price of the new car with foot pedals is 8,980 yuan.

What do you think of these two new Polar Core cars?

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