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Honda ADV160 sports pedal released in Thailand, do you think it will be introduced in China?
Release date:2023.05.04

Today, let's take a look at Honda's ADV160 sports scooter, which is on sale in Thailand.


Honda ADV160 is a stylish and dynamic urban adventure motorcycle that will soon be available to Chinese riders.

Appearance is not much to describe, its use of family crossover pedal elements, the vehicle is very beautiful from any point of view.

It is powered by a 157cc single-cylinder, water-cooled "eSP+" engine with a maximum horsepower of 15.4bhp and peak torque of 14.7nm. It can provide sufficient power and stability, excellent performance and good economy in city driving, with an average fuel consumption of 2.2 litres per 100 km. In addition, the all-LCD dashboard is easier to read and buttons on the operating lever are more convenient, bringing better information display and use experience.

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In terms of chassis, the front end uses the traditional vertical shock absorber, and with the Showa rear dual shock absorber, has excellent shock filtering effect.

These features enable the Honda ADV160 to provide greater comfort and stability in tough road conditions.

Braking system, using a single disc brake and equipped with ABS, whether in the asphalt road or off-road driving, can ensure better safety. In addition, the Honda ADV160 is equipped with the HSTC(Honda Select Torque Control) system, which enhances the stability and safety of the entire vehicle, bringing a more convenient driving experience for urban cycling.

The car also offers more practical features, such as keyless startup, and storage in the front console area is equipped with a USB charging port, eliminating the use of branded phones that use different charging cables. The seat height is reduced to 780 mm, providing more convenience for riders of different heights. A storage box under the seat adds 2 liters of space for a total capacity of 30 liters, allowing the rider to store clutter more comfortably.

To sum up, Honda ADV160 is a fashionable, high-performance and practical urban adventure motorcycle, which will bring more rich, convenient and pleasant driving experience to urban cycling lovers.

Vehicle parameter

Engine: 157cc single cylinder liquid cooled

Horsepower output: 15.4hp / 8,500rpm

Torque output: 14.7Nm/6,500 rpm

Transmission: CVT

Seat height: 780mm

Fuel tank capacity: 10.1 L

Suspension: 31 mm hydraulic front fork/rear Showa shock absorber

Braking system: Single disc brake (front and rear)/ABS

Tire size: front 110/80-14, rear 130/70-13

Length x width x height: 1950 x 763 x 1270 mm

Weight: 137 kg

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