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Electric motorcycle evaluation: polar core AE6+, meaning "electricity"!
Release date:2023.05.04

About the core brand, you should not be too unfamiliar, is the Spring breeze's high-end electric motorcycle brand, when doing electric motorcycle will be closer to the needs of users, today we will take a look.

Appearance design

The structure of this car is indeed relatively simple, frame, front wheel, front suspension, battery cabin behind the battery, there is a small storage space, and the motor, this is the overall structure. It is designed in the structure, the side of the covering parts is from the front to the back of the whole through a design, so that the whole car smart feeling will be stronger.

This car from the side to see its overall structure, including the covering of this shape, in many electric cars can be seen, we are not very different, but AE6+ as an electric motorcycle, it is in the line proportion and details of the processing of some efforts, will be more stable and more sporty.

The front face is still interesting. First of all, the official has been emphasizing that this is a mecha shape, which is mainly to cater to the fashion needs of young people. We think this front face has a strong sense of hierarchy, whether it is a combination of colors or lines.

For example, this decorative lamp is a large "U" shape, which is also very distinctive. The most distinctive part of the front face is the concave shape at the bottom, concave on both sides and then extended back below, which makes the recognition of the front face very high, and at the same time, his sense of movement is also strong.

The seat and the following area is also made will be relatively large, no different from other scooters, but the front area is to put the battery, the battery compartment behind a small storage space, you can put the charger, or you can put something else, but you want to put a helmet may not be able to.

Then he is the larger the armrest, the armrest compared with the whole car feeling is a little super specification, you want to see the car, the armrest with the whole car butt this collocation, or very good looking.

The most distinctive individual of this car is that he has this side motor. Generally, we in electric vehicles, he is either the hub motor which is more common, or there is a central motor in front, and then there is a chain behind the belt to drive.

The benefits of side motor, first of all, the motor is a part of the rear rocker arm, you can make it into a single rocker arm of this shape, from the side will look better, and the structure will be more simple.

In addition, the side motor is placed outside, the heat dissipation of the motor itself will be better; There is a point if it is a hub motor, the size of the motor space is limited by the hub, and the tire itself it rotation of the inertia to some greater, more power loss. The side motor is not subject to these limitations, and the space and function of the motor will be more independent.

Although this car is small, but his taillight is really not small, two taillights are very well integrated into the rear of the vehicle in this shape, when you brake the whole car to stop and he lights up, this sense of ceremony is still relatively strong.

Dynamic configuration

Let's briefly talk about the configuration of this car. First, it adopts a side-mounted air-cooled motor. The rated power of this motor is 2.5kW, the maximum power is 5.5kW, and the torque on the wheel can reach 160N·m. The battery is a 69 volt 40 A battery.

Brake this piece, the front brake is a one-way three-piston caliper with a single disc, the rear brake is a single piston caliper with a single disc, it is a c b s linkage, so the front brake this three pistons one of the pistons is for CBS configuration.

The front shock absorber is a vertical shock absorber, and the rear shock absorber is a single gun side shock absorber, and it is load-adjustable.

The front wheel is 12 inches, the rear wheel is 11 inches, the width of the front wheel is 90, the width of the rear wheel is 110, all using the new CST tires. It has a wheelbase of 1260mm, a seat height of 730mm, a reconditioning mass of 96kg and a ground clearance of 130mm.

640 (8).jpg

Riding experience

The car has three power modes: Eco, STREET and SPORT. sport mode is a hidden mode, it requires a certain amount of battery power, and you have to exceed 50 km/h, you can only start the sport mode for a short time.

Therefore, the cost performance itself is not very high. In addition, when switching between street mode and sport mode, the performance of this power is not so obvious, and there is indeed a gap of several kilometers in the top speed.

In ECO mode, the power is a bit softer, but it's still a bit more powerful than the electric cars we ride every day, with a top speed of 50km/h.

It's fun to switch this mode to street mode. The acceleration in the first section is very straightforward. It has the same dynamic performance as the 125 pedal, even stronger in the sense of motion.

But as it gets faster and faster, you get to about 35/40, and then you go back to the throttle, and the sense of motion becomes less noticeable.

And that's mainly because for a tram, it's a debut peak, and the torque you give it might have reached a peak. So he's a straight line in this subsequent torque representation, and then it's not so obvious to you.

So after riding this car, I still have some new ideas about the oil car and the trolley car. To make an inappropriate analogy, the oil car is like a person who knows amour and has high emotional intelligence. If you ask him to do something for you, he must first pull the sense of ritual, my speed to climb, my voice to gradually become stronger, and I will gradually give this motivation to you.

But the trolley is different, he is more like a straight man, ability is also a tough person, but he does not have so much, you say speed up he will suddenly add speed very full and end. In this car, you can still feel some of the feeling of engine braking when you vigorously feed the oil at the moment of oil return, but it is too gentle, and the feeling is not the same as the oil car.

We just said that in this ECO mode, its power performance is better than that of the traditional tram, which is itself positioned as an electric motorcycle, so it can reach a top speed of more than 50 kilometers.

In street mode, its power performance is much better, with the top speed approaching 80km/h. Meanwhile, if this car is used in our daily urban cycling, it is mostly used in the range of 0~50km/h, and its low torsion performance is still very good in this range.

The torque performance in the first section can be described as fun. After riding this bike, another feeling is that I finally understand why the official speed of the tram is usually 0~50km/h, which is accelerated.

Two factors. One factor is that his torque curve is close to a straight line, and they don't perform that torque as well in the second half; Another is that for this kind of car, his battery discharge continuous discharge time should not be too long, so 0~50 kilometers should be his one of the best performance.

What we actually tested was that in ECO mode you could get 60, 70 kilometers, but in Street mode if you were a little bit more aggressive you might not even get 50 kilometers. We tried charging it to 100 percent, and it lost about 5 to 8 percent of its charge over the course of a week.

The other is that when the battery is less than 30% charged, you will find that the efficiency of this discharge decreases in street mode. The immediate manifestation of acceleration is not so obvious.

When you ride this car, its center of gravity will focus on the front of the rear wheel, and the front wheel will share less weight, so its steering and flexibility will be very good. Whether we do this kind of bending and banking or we do this Kinkana operation, you'll find that the car will still follow your idea.

The center of gravity on the rear front wheel of this grip is not so strong, but at low speed the effect of the front brake is still ok. After the speed up because he is behind a CBS linkage, so the rear brake plays a leading role. But if we go 40 an hour, you vigorously pinch the rear brake, because he doesn't have ABS, the rear wheel will have a little bit of this in the rear end.

The support of the front and back shock absorber is OK. Although our rear shock absorber is a side-mounted shock absorber, it looks not so strong and single gun shock absorber, but when sitting on two people, about 300 kilograms of this weight, it did not directly touch the bottom when passing the speed bump after sitting on it. Maybe you will feel it is a little harder, but the support is enough.

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