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Motorcycle wading riding precautions and maintenance
Release date:2023.05.11

Motorcycle engine working principle is composed of suction, compression, work, exhaust four strokes, and the cycle of work, any one of the four strokes is damaged, the engine can not work normally, according to this principle, we to judge their own motorcycle wading depth.

According to the working principle of the four-stroke engine, wading riding motorcycle is most likely to be destroyed is the intake stroke and exhaust stroke, if the motorcycle air filter set position is low, then the possibility of intake water is large, generally straddle motorcycle air filter set position is relatively high, and the diameter of the wheel is large, so the straddle bike wading capacity is stronger than the scooter. And the air filter air inlet of the scooter is generally set relatively low, the hub diameter is small, so the possibility of air inlet water is large, of course, there are special, such as Dayang's scooter generally uses high intake, the possibility of air inlet water is less. So the maximum depth for wading is higher.

However, the motorcycle wading depth is not the height of the air filter, but the height of the vent, because once the vent is flooded, the exhaust stroke is blocked, the engine will be turned off, and once the engine is turned off in the deep water, the water may be back into the engine combustion chamber, water into the combustion chamber is not compressed like air, If you start the engine forcibly at this time, it is possible to cause great damage to the engine.


Thus, motorcycle wading riding, if the terrain is not familiar, do not force wading riding, once the water is very urgent and stalled in the middle, it will be dangerous to life! If you are familiar with the terrain and can accurately determine the depth of the water, you should also avoid places with whirlpools, because there are high chances that manhole covers have been washed away, which could put your life in danger if you fall into them.

If it is to ensure safe passage through the wading road riding, try to accelerate a through, do not lower the accelerator halfway, so as to ensure that the engine does not stall. In the event of engine stalling, do not start, down the push out of the wading section.

Finally, motorcycle maintenance after wading, motorcycle wading, first of all to check whether the air filter is wet, if wet to replace. The second is to clean the engine, the engine spark plug off, combustion chamber drainage, oil emulsification phenomenon must be replaced, the gear oil in the scooter gearbox to be replaced, finally is the front and rear hub bearings to be checked, must be removed to clean lubrication, reassembly, to prevent hub bearings in the case of water long-term use, will damage the bearing, Endanger driving safety.

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