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Motorcycle evaluation: QJMOTOR Snap650, the new choice of motorcycle travel
Release date:2023.05.11

This model used the most popular hardcore ADV styling design, but also carried the V-twin engine, and is covering more people 650cc displacement, have to say that Qian Jiang in the product smell this piece is always so keen and unique.

Styling configuration

The most recognizable part of the vehicle is its head area. First of all, it eliminates the unnecessary parts of the beak. The whole line of the windshield, headlights, covering parts and head is more concise and compact. And is a continuation of the narrow design.

Headlights from a little distance to see, on both sides of the decorative lights have the feeling of radiation to the outside, the head in the positive feeling like a flat head brother, there is that kind of strength in the inside. In terms of vision, we should also mention the factory standard bar. In addition to the function of protection, the appearance of the SV650 makes it more like a warrior in armor, which improves the whole car's hardcore temperament.

This car you see from the side up close, you will feel the temperament has changed, the sense of strength will be more obvious. First of all, let's look at this tank. At first sight, it will feel very big. In fact, it is not big.

The Versys 650 we talked about earlier is a similar look, but the two are somewhat different in detail, so the Snap650 tank design feels less like a hardcore ADV. Then the back of the front and rear seats, rear tailframe design is more inclined to motorcycle.


The color matching of the body based on black and white is more characteristic. Local areas are decorated with yellow, which makes the whole car feel young and fashionable.

A quick note on the Snap650 specs. The 90-degree V-twin water-cooled engine delivers 76 horsepower and 65N·m torque.

We tested the road version, which weighs 219kg, and the off-road version may weigh a bit more. The fuel tank has a capacity of 20 litres and the wheelbase is 1520mm. Front and rear aluminum alloy wheels are 19 inches, 17 inches, front and rear wheel width of 110, 150.

The front brake uses Brembo radial four piston radial caliper + double floating disc, and the rear brake uses one-way single piston + single disc.

Riding experience

I am 175cm tall and the height of the Snap650 is 800mm. I can easily land on the front balls of my two feet when I sit on it. The cushion feels wide, which is good for long distance running, but it's not hardcore enough.

And there is a little cushion on both sides of the inner thigh feeling, put the legs up to step on the foot, cushion feeling is less, because he sits relatively low, so the legs still have some closed feeling; Handlebars are relatively wide and have a backward Angle, the upper body is still relatively stretch, can give a person ADV expedition car feeling.

After driving the car, the V2 still has a rich sound, of course, it depends on personal preference, but I think it sounds pretty good. In addition, when you give oil again, the power connection will feel a little abrupt. In the follow-up process of oil supply, the power will become relatively smooth.

Return oil is the same, the feeling of starting the locomotive to drag is more obvious, if you are riding smoothly, return oil did not pay attention to, you suddenly have the feeling of power to rush forward when you give the oil.

Our perception of the power of the car is twofold. First, the power of the engine itself, including linearity, is very good. But the clutch this piece is different, in each gear to switch to the low speed range, the clutch is equivalent to the power basically cut off, this time to do upshift downshift operation, only need to step on the lever or upshift lever on the line, and there is no stepping on the vehicle will channel this feeling.

In the low RPM range, it works like a fast shift, so if you're familiar with the car, it can be done quickly with the throttle.

But the other thing is that when you're riding everyday, if you slow down by the throttle, and then you want to accelerate, you have to anticipate that, because he might feel a little bit of a leap forward.

The other point is that the clutch feels relatively moderate, even a little more relaxed, and the whole gear is very clear, neutral is also relatively easy to find. The last few QJS we tested have done well in this area.

90-degree Angle V-twin engine vibration is still some, at 4,500 RPM will be more obvious, to 5,000 RPM ~6,000 RPM vibration will be uncomfortable, the feet and hands are transmitted; Fortunately, the engine itself is low and twisted, so it can cope with 80% of your daily riding needs in the range of more than 1,500 RPM to 4,500 RPM.

Another throttle in the first 1/3 of the drag feeling is still relatively strong, as long as you give the oil this feeling will be very strong, but in the follow-up of the body feeling is poor.

The conditions we tested on the closed road were 76 in first gear, 106 in second gear, 136 in third gear and 160-plus in fourth gear.

Although the body looks relatively large, some angles even feel a little silly, but its center of gravity matching is OK; That is, when you're riding in a bend, or you're doing a large body tilt, you'll find that the lateral tilt is more linear. The direct effect is that when bending, the amplitude of the vehicle can be predicted by you, so that you are more confident.

Another feature of the Snap650 is that one of the cylinder heads of the V2 engine is definitely under your butt, next to your leg. So you can still feel the heat from your legs a little bit longer, especially on the right side.

In the case of low speed, the feeling of the brake hitting the wall will be more obvious, and there will be a large downward pressure. However, after the speed rises, the first half or even 2/3 of the brake will be in a soft state, and only in the second half of the braking force will be a little direct.

The electronic equipment is relatively simple. First, there is a dashcam in the front, tire pressure monitoring, and heating for the handlebars and seat. The heating items are not displayed on the screen, and there are warning buttons on both sides of the handlebars.


When the Snap650 was first released, its shape and configuration looked more hardcore, and the feeling of tension was obvious; When I saw it and rode it, I thought it would be more road-riding.

QJMOTOR is clearly trying to cater to the latest market by building a low-sitting, V-shaped two-cylinder, more hardcore adventure-looking car, hoping that novice users will be able to handle it while not demanding enough technology to ride it.

So if your budget and your needs for all aspects of the engine match the Snap650, we still suggest you go to the local dealer offline store, go to the field to see, ride this car, feel the power feedback, seat height all aspects are in line with your needs.

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