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High endurance, high appearance level! Yamaha launches new urban short distance model!
Release date:2023.05.11

At present, motorcycle electrification shows a growing trend, many motorcycle companies have launched electric motorcycle models, the market response is good. Recently, Yamaha sold an electric motorcycle in Taiwan Province: EMF, let's take a look.

EMF electric motorcycle adopts simple and fashionable body design, beautiful shape, smooth lines, the overall show the atmosphere, avant-garde fashion shape. The front light group uses LED light source, which has excellent lighting effect and high quality visual experience.

Power, it is equipped with a powerful motor, the maximum power of 11kW, the power output is very abundant. The battery is equipped with 60V/24Ah lithium-ion battery pack. The charging time is about 6 hours, and the driving range can reach about 100km, which can meet the needs of urban commuting and short-distance travel.

Chassis, EMF is a common motorcycle steel pipe frame, suspension system with a forward-leaning front shock absorber and double gun after shock absorber, providing a good driving experience. The stability of the body is higher, and the safety performance is better in the driving process, especially in the case of sudden braking, the braking effect is very significant.

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It is also equipped with intelligent electronic display screen, multi-function button and other configurations, with high efficiency and fast startup, low energy consumption and power saving performance.

To sum up, YAMAHA EMF electric motorcycle has been widely concerned and praised for its gorgeous appearance and excellent comprehensive performance. The 60V/24Ah lithium-ion battery pack and 11kW high-power motor guarantee its excellent performance. At the same time, the suspension system and chassis upgrades also provide a strong guarantee for the stability of the vehicle. In addition, the intelligent electronic control system also further enhances the convenience and user experience of the vehicle, which is an excellent tool for urban commuting and short-distance travel.

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