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What do you know about the three parts that determine the quality of a motorcycle?
Release date:2023.05.18

Motorcycle development for so many years, the domestic is also from scratch, especially now the motorcycle market is basically domestic cars, and the rider to see the car is mainly to see the quality, quality can also distinguish the good or bad of this motorcycle, because now a wide variety of motorcycles, all kinds of have, but only the quality of the motorcycle will be deeply motorcycle friends like.

However, from the current majority of motorcycles, if compared from the appearance, there is basically no much change, but from the details to analyze, the internal structure and parts are also the standard that determines the quality of motorcycles.

How to choose a reliable motorcycle?

Analysis of its quality is good or bad, in fact, also from the internal work of the motorcycle, material to analyze, like many years ago, most of the domestic motorcycle is used to import cars, including the domestic assembly of imported parts, but the overall level of technology and material standards to determine the quality of the motorcycle.

Parts: There are many motorcycle components, including its line, chain, transmission, cushion, plastic parts, electronic control chip, tire, frame, light bulb, battery and so on.

The most important three core parts: motorcycle manufacturing is not easy, in the manufacture of a tall motorcycle needs thousands of parts, especially the core parts, can not be careless. And represent the motorcycle's three core components are mainly engine, frame, shock absorption.

But from the perspective of most users, the three core parts of the engine is really the most important component that determines the quality of the motorcycle. So the engine is done, basically the service life of the vehicle will follow up, for this, the core engine also needs three parts to support.

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1, bearing, for the operation of the engine, in addition to the electronically controlled guide spark plug and cylinder compression ejecta fuel combustion, the operation of high load mainly through the internal bearing drive components at the same time (crankshaft, connecting rod, gear) is the need for bearings to run, it is a vital part.

2, the piston ring, the operation of the engine cannot do without this small part, from the piston ring this small part of the working principle is to form a small part with the inner wall of the engine cylinder to prevent air and gap, because the engine is running, the piston ring in the cylinder with the high rotation of the piston, the requirements are higher, in addition to the use of oil is also more attention, It can be seen that the quality of the piston ring also determines the quality of the engine.

3. Electric spray system

(carburetor), want to let gasoline reach the cylinder, it must injection device components, and carburetor (electric injection system class) the main work is responsible for fuel delivery, and now most of the motorcycle is using the electric injection system, so the injection concentration of fuel has been optimized, can bring more efficient running quality to the car, Including fuel consumption can be further optimized.

Compared with the above three important parts of the motorcycle, if in the process of use, the damage of the original factory, directly replace the quality of good, also can let the car get better running quality and longer service life, of course, good motorcycle generally used important parts are more reliable, only in this way can let the car have a longer service life.

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