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Motorcycle parts maintenance tips
Release date:2023.05.18

First, gear oil

In addition to oil, the scooter has a very important oil - gear oil, straddle (hanging gear) motorcycle by oil for transmission lubrication, and pedal is different, using gear oil for transmission lubrication. (The same as the transmission oil of cars, but the maintenance cycle of cars is long and that of motorcycles is short)

Gear oil mainly relies on gearbox lubrication, because it does not participate in high temperature work, so low temperature fluidity is stronger, and it is slightly longer than oil mileage.

Again, the API level is usually GL.1 and GI from low to high. 2, GL 1 3, GL 1 4, GL 1 5, GL 1 6 six levels; Using the viscosity classification of SAE, the viscosity from low to high is divided into 75W, 80W, 85W, 90, 140, 250 six levels.

Usually GL-4 or GL.5 80W/90 gear oil can be added.

Replacement cycle: 5k km/half a year, also according to the road conditions, such as adjustment, cycling grumpy in advance of some change.

Two, oil filter element

The oil filter element is referred to as the machine filter. Its main function is to absorb and filter impurities such as iron filings in the oil to avoid the friction caused by it entering the engine again.

Different manufacturers have different designs, some are designed as a single, some are designed as a set, but the function is basically the same.

Replacement cycle: Generally with the oil replacement at the same time, about 5k km/half a year.

It should be noted here that the filter can not be reused, the oil filter element is mostly paper filter element, long time use is easy to lead to inadequate filtration, which is what we call the breakdown rate, resulting in iron filings into the engine caused by excessive engine wear.

Three, air filter element

The air filter element is also called the air filter, the main function is to filter the impurities in the engine intake, like putting a mask on the engine, filter out the particles in the air.

640 (5).jpg

Guangyang KYMCO Thunder King 180 Air filter

Replacement cycle: Generally 5-7k km, depending on the local air quality, for example, the maintenance cycle is different in the desert and in the city every day.

Because the maintenance cycle of straddle motorcycle is longer, it follows the maintenance of oil and filter together.

Scooter is usually 2 oil 1 air filter maintenance.

Here, it is also important to note that many people choose to use air gun blowing to increase the maintenance cycle, but also not, after all, usually our paper filter element will be broken down, resulting in a decline in filtration effect.

4, chain, tooth disk, drive shaft

(1) Tighten the chain

Generally, if the bicycle chain is too long, it will easily break off the chain. The same is true of the motorcycle, but the motorcycle can break off the chain. Motorcycle chains, in particular, often bear a lot of torque, so they can be stretched more easily.

640 (7).jpg

This is generally called "chain stretching", but it is not the inner and outer chain pieces are stretched slowly, but the continuous friction between the insert tips and the roller, resulting in the gap between the shaft and the interior of the service box. Because the gap is longer, the chain is longer.

Even if 1 chain only 0.1mm wear, 100 chain: 0.1mm x 100 = 1cm, will be elongated by 1cm.

Maintenance cycle: generally there is no specified time, usually keep the tightness up and down 15-20mm is appropriate, not too tight.

For example, loosen the large screws (blue) and then adjust the small screws (red) of the Honda CB300R. If you want to know more about it, you can leave a comment in the comment section, and I can make a video for you.

Also note that, if the rear wheel impact, you need to pay attention to the front and rear disk, the chain is on the same level, if off, please repair in time.

(2) Change the chain

That's right! The chain is a consumable, so it needs to be replaced. Because the chain is worn for a long time and stressed, there will be stress. If the chain is not replaced for a long time, a big throttle may break off that day.

Replacement cycle: Usually we replace the oil seal chain about 2w km and replace the oil seal chain about 5k km under the condition of good preparation (this is preset by the manufacturer for reference only, the specific instructions shall prevail)

(3) Dental disc

Dental disc is also a part that we often contact, and excessive wear is also prone to risk. For example, such as the picture below, has been worn like this, naturally prone to fall off the chain and other situations.

Replacement cycle: 2-5w km, depending on the situation.

The chain and the front and rear transmission gears are recommended to be replaced together. Otherwise it will lead to too large clearance, shorten the life of the new parts.

(4) shaft drive

Now let's talk about shaft drive. Usually, the motorcycle with shaft drive has a protective shell outside the drive shaft, so it can protect the transmission system better and basically be maintenance-free. However, for the models of BMW and other brands, there is still a maintenance cycle.

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