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How to choose your first motorcycle?
Release date:2023.05.25

According to the statistics of China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce, the production and sales of motorcycles in 2022 in China were 21.1222 million and 21.42 million, respectively, down 16.08% and 15.55% year-on-year. However, the production and sales volume of large-displacement recreational motorcycles were 551,100 and 553,400, with year-on-year growth of 47.51% and 44.68%. Large-displacement recreational motorcycles are becoming a new engine for industry growth and are sought after by more and more young people.

With the significant increase of motorcycle enthusiasts, motorcycle has evolved from a simple means of transportation into a new way of entertainment and leisure, fun models began to enter thousands of households, and the rapid growth of motorcycle is mainly due to economic growth and the popularity of the media! Mainstream media this piece is mainly a sound the most widely popularized, most of the 90, 00 post-90s here for the first time to understand motorcycles, motorcycles, and finally decided to enter the motorcycle circle!

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So how do you choose your first motorcycle?

1, determine what kind of car you like: the current models on the market are mainly divided into: scooter, street car, sports car, pull car, cruise car, prince car, bending motorcycle, etc., you can go to the physical store test drive, choose the right demand, the appearance of the car.

2. How much budget do you have: This budget includes: car price + insurance + individual income tax + license + helmet + gloves + protective gear, etc. According to the ordinary consumption budget, other expenses in addition to the car need about 10,000 yuan! As a simple example, if you want to buy a 10,000 yuan car, your budget should be at least 20,000 yuan!

3. Which brand of car to buy: Because of the late start of Chinese industry, there is still a huge gap with foreign brands in motorcycle internal combustion engine technology! So in the choice we can follow: import > joint venture > domestic.

4, the car on the public or private households: public households is the company's households, private households is individual households. Public business without transfer, but not on the three risks; Private households, on the other hand.

5. How much displacement to choose: In fact, this is also related to the budget, because the larger the displacement of the same brand of cars, the higher the price, my personal advice is to choose the displacement below 400cc.

6, the card trouble? Registration needs to be handled by the DMV, according to the guidance of the staff can be handled, can also be handed over to the car agency, agency cost of 500 yuan, but I also need to be present.

7. How to choose a used motorcycle? Second-hand motorcycle is actually a good choice for the new Xiaobai, spend half the money can ride the car you want. When buying and selling, you can take a friend who knows cars to check, or go directly to the car shop to buy and sell!

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