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46k Kaiyue 800X, which is statistically hard
Release date:2023.05.25

On May 19, Kaiyue released its two preheated new car for a long time -- 450RR, 800X, 450RR we should all understand, today we talk about the attention is not so high hard ADV -- 800X.

The standard version starts at 45,800 yuan

Time-travel version: Starting at 49,800 yuan

There are two parts worth paying attention to in the design of the new 800X, one is the core engine, and the other is the weight of the vehicle.

The 800X engine is equipped with an actual displacement of 799cc, maximum power of 71kW and maximum torque of 80N·m. On its own, these figures may not sound impressive, but when you compare the 88x65.7mm bore stroke, 13.0:1 compression ratio, and the RPM of the power output.

You should find that this parameter is similar to the 790 platform of a big factory. Judging from the original design indicated by Kaiyue for 450RR, the new 800X engine should be the mature power platform of Youshang.

The biggest surprise is what, in addition to the official price will be within 50,000 yuan, Kaiyue also put this 800cc level ADV reconditioning quality control at a staggering 183kg, and also equipped with 20L large fuel tank.

It is important to know that the same class model 790ADV with extreme reputation has reached 189kg dry weight, and the tank is 16L. This time, the design and lightweight of the new 800X has been really highlighted by Excelle.

The new 800X is also hard-core, with long travel suspension, high ground clearance and so on. Kaiyue's design and tuning of adventure models, from this large displacement model is indeed a demonstration of some strength.

The main differences between the 800X and the 800X are also in the tires, brake calipers, shock absorbers, and auxiliary riding systems. New cars are available in green and black.

The book competitiveness of the new car launched by Kaiyue is indeed a little strong, and it can finally grab its own place in the relevant market, then depends on the capacity of Kaiyue, as well as the riding quality of the new car. What do you think of the new 800X?

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