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The Sixties 150Si and Sixties 250Si were introduced
Release date:2023.05.25

VICTORIA MOTORRAD has received a lot of attention since the Sixties 300i model was released in Chongqing in 2019, and then brought a more friendly Sixties 150i. The upgraded Sixties 150Si was released in 2022, and the high-powered Sixties 250Si was released this year.

Sixties 150Si

The Sixties 150Si uses an all-vehicle LED light source, and the headlights are illuminated in different ways from near to far. The headlights also incorporate a more recognizable rectangular LED diurnal ring, as well as the steering lights and taillights. The entry-level car also comes with a flash and snap function.

The power is provided by the single-cylinder four-valve side water-cooled engine, the maximum power is 9.5kW, the maximum torque is 12.5N·m, and the maximum speed can reach 103km/h (GPS table). There are also automatic start-stop, pulse ignition, and the electric spray system is equipped with the BOSCH kit.

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The braking system is Nissin's opposing-direction double piston brake clamp +240mm brake disc. The tires are equipped with the TS-689 high grip tires of Tensen brand, which have good grip performance on both wet and dry ground. Original heating handle, and can support 3 modes of adjustment.

The instrument is a 5.5-inch TFT color smart instrument, which can display the required information such as navigation, call, weather, altitude and music playing on the instrument through the link of the App. There is also keyless start and front and rear tire pressure monitoring.

The tank is a mid-mounted design with a capacity of 10L; Before and after the narrow design of the seat cushion height of 780mm, can meet the needs of most riders; And the bucket has room for a small full helmet.

Sixties 250Si

This upgraded version of the model is also using the whole car LED light source, the tail light group is similar to little brother, high linear brake light, double flash function.

The Sixties 250Si is powered by a water-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder SOHC engine that increases maximum power to 18kW, maximum torque to 22.5N·m, and top speed to 120km/h (GPS).

Braking aspect is Nissin brand one-way double piston card brake clamp +230mm brake disc, the tire is Tensen tire; The 250's shock absorbers are fitted with front and rear KYBs.

The 5.5-inch TFT color smart meter is equipped with front and rear tire pressure monitoring while retaining many features. The Sixties 150Si retains the comfortable, high-foam pre-trim seat for easy seating and ease fatigue. The seat height is 770mm.

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